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Supreme Being

One Force, gouache on paper by Deborah Singletary

New Moon| June 28, 2022 | 7 Cancer 23’

[Pregnant] with understanding of its perfect law, I am guided, moment by moment, along the path of liberation. This is the statement recited from The Pattern on the Trestleboard as I move from Wisdom, The Sphere of the Zodiac, to Understanding, Saturn. Saturn is the dot at the center of the Circle and the center of the Zodiacal Wheel.

I counsel myself to keep my eye on the prize and my vibration in alignment with the primal will-to-good. I remain centered.

I substitute “pregnant” for “filled” with understanding (the actual word of the opening statement) because the path that moves between Wisdom and Understanding is our always pregnant imagination. Roe v. Wade has been stricken. What do I imagine? At first, I imagine this as a setback, as something very bad, and then I remember to walk through the storm with my head up high, and to not being afraid of the dark of this sinister-appearing occurrence.

I see the golden sky at the end of the storm. I see the promised land. I see it now. I am free. It cannot be abridged unless I get spooked into giving it up.

I guard the door of my imagination. I cross my legs, as it were. I invite all vulnerable to cross theirs. Nothing uninvited shall enter.

I am alone in my room. Light comes from the western window on my left and a Tree of Life, an ancient diagram of 10 geometrically arranged Circles and 22 connecting Paths, is propped up on my desk against the west wall beside the window. Just me. My own thoughts, my own body, still in my pajamas. Shall I allow my peace to be corrupted? Shall I allow the Supreme Court to intimidate me, my sisters, and my daughters? Whatever is good and kind, powerful and loving, is where I shall focus my attention.

The New Moon is at 7° of Cancer. The 7th Tarot Key, The Chariot, is attributed to the sign Cancer. Cancer is the sign that represents women, and 7, as a number means, victory, safety, equilibrium, and poise. I shall not lose my self-confidence and self-control. I shall use the waters of my emotional foundation to be peaceful and undisturbed. In the civil rights marches of the sixties, we sang. “Just like a tree that’s planted by the water, we shall not be moved.” And, to quote Maya Angelou, “My crown has been bought and paid for.”

Repeat after me. “Mine is the Victory and the Glory.”

There are two other planets of seven degrees in this New Moon in the sign of woman. One of them is the aforementioned Venus in seven degrees of Gemini. The other is Jupiter, sign of law, governor, therefore, of the Supreme Court. It squares the Sun and Moon in Cancer. Aries is the individual and Cancer is the guts and mettle of the individual. This reminds me to be self-sufficient in the world of law and to be sovereign, and to recognize Supreme Being. It reminds me to keep myself aligned with that which is invincible. Hades cannot prevail against it. You can’t touch this.


Let not your boat be rocked. Everything is always working out for you. When you make this declaration, you don’t know how, things are going to be worked out. You only know that they are and that is all you need to know because the details of working it out are beyond the touch of your fingers and hands. You can’t do it, but you can let it be done.

Whatever situation you have going on in your life, preface your dealings with, “I am guided momently. No man can hinder me” Support this by keeping your poised and intentional eye on the prize and your vibrations happy and expectant of victory.

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