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When two people marry, they initiate a powerful new creative cycle in their lives. I love to help couples to create a ceremony that reflects their aspirations, spiritual beliefs, and values. With sensitivity to the needs of couples with similar or different beliefs and couples who are spiritual and/or religious, marriage and re-commitment ceremonies are custom tailored to your needs.


My work as an artist, theater production manager, writer, and spiritual counselor helps me to add depth, grace, and meaning to your ceremony. I also provide civil ceremonies as an alternative to City Hall weddings.

Fees range from $100 for a civil ceremony tailored to the couple to $600 which includes:

  • Consultations with bride and groom regarding the ceremony they envision.

  • Two drafts of the ceremony tailored for the couple including edits

  • One Rehearsal

  • Officiating the ceremony

  • Signing and mailing the license as mandated by New York State.

Ceremonies and Rituals

Guidance in creating personal rituals and ceremonies to will help you integrate and progress through major life changes such as:

  • New Baby

  • Starting a business

  • Birthday

  • Divorce

  • Being fired

  • New Home

Please use the form on my about page for arraigning desired Ceremonies or Rituals or use the email link at the top of the page.

Thank you.

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