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Astro Morsels

Bite-sized lessons on astrology

Brief No. 1

  • The planets tell us what is happening

  • The signs show how the planets are expressing themselves.

  • The houses tell us where the action is taking place

Brief No. 2

The full Moon period can be likened to entering a room with candlelit ambience in the evening , however, when you turn up the lights, the dirt and grime is unpalatable. But it could happen that upon shining a light in a cave, suddenly you are surrounded by sparkling crystals. All is revealed in time.

Brief No. 3

The New Moon phase is considered dark because the moon cannot be seen.This period is linked with conception and new beginnings. Just as a seed is planted in the dark earth and a baby begins life in the dark womb, so do many ideas come to us in the dark--unformed and invisible. To trust and act upon an idea in the dark may seem fraught with risk. Consider that enslaved Africans in America would conceive their freedom in the dark and start out on their journey under protection of the dark. When you receive a new idea, protect it.. Exposing a seed idea to the light (by blabbingnabout it) may be ruinous.

Brief No. 4

Your natal moon tells you what your real feelings and needs are. When you feel out of sorts your moon sign is a prescription for how you need to take care of yourself. The moon also provides insight into the unconscious part of yourself. Going with our gut helps us stay out of trouble (the moon rules the stomach).

Brief No. 5

Although the 7th house can describe the kind of partners (and clients) you attract, it also describes aspects of yourself that you project onto others. In cases where the other is viewed as an enemy, they are not to be overcome but reckoned with as an unconscious aspect of yourself.

Brief No. 6

One way of understanding the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces is by considering romance novels. They are sweeping breathtaking love stories with a buoyant conclusion. Although seemingly unrealistic, romance novels cloak and distort a spiritual principle. God is love and you are the beloved.

Brief No. 7

Scorpio and Pluto in the natal chart might signify your greatest creative potential. However, the sign and its ruler sometimes serve as an indicator of where you might be powerfully destructive. Use the opposite sign and ruler to help you evaluate whether an impulse is healthy or destructive. 

Brief No. 8

The full moon provides a different slant on what is often said in criticism: "You so full of yourself!" Could be that person has a sense of themselves as united with their Inner Authority. Could be they are confident. They are Loved and they know it. They are not afraid to be their full out Self. Yeah!

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