Astrology Readings


An astrological consultation reminds us of who we are, and when we hear it we get goose bumps, tear up, or smile in recognition and relief.

Astrology encourages and supports us in owning our power and taking responsibility for tending the flame that is our life. Understanding our charts helps us to regard and utilize all life circumstances as treasure.

An astrological consultation provides:

  • Insight

  • Understanding

  • Support

  • Clarification

  • A sense of order and meaning


Readings are approximately one to one and a half hours long and are recorded and emailed to you for future reference.

Fee $125 for 90 minute recorded consultation


(Sliding scale available for people who are unemployed or underemployed. Email your request and your budget for 90-minute readings: $60, $70 or $80)

Please use the form on my About page to contact me for an Astrology Reading or use the email link at the top of the page. Thank you. 

Learn Astrology

Astrology offers inspiration, motivation, and hope for each child born and for every adult struggling to remember.


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"Your wisdom and insight are incredibly penetrating — the truth of your words rings throughout my mind—and in the moments where I find myself giving way to familiar habits and tendencies — there they are like a glowing light post in a sea of darkness."  — Desiree M.

Spiritual Exploration


Spiritual Exploration helps people:

  • Use spiritual principles in their decision-making process

  • Explore their concept of the Divine

  • Develop meaningful prayer or other spiritual practices.

  • Increase vitality as a result of embracing their imperfection


  • Developing or strengthening your spiritual practices

  • Creating and establishing personal rituals that feel good.

  • Discernment: Recognizing the Voice of Spirit from the voice of ego

  • The affirmation that comes from sharing your story and spiritual journey

  • The transformation that comes about as we are heard.

Fee:  $65 an hour
(Sliding scale available for people who are unemployed or underemployed.)

Please go to my About page to contact me for an appointment or use the email link at the top of the page. Thank you.

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