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Astrology 101 LIVE in Brooklyn

April 10-20, 2022 123 Anywhere St., Any City (2)(1).png

Why Astrology

In order to fit into our family and social milieu and make a living, sometimes, we disassociate from vital aspects of ourselves. We lose some aspects by labeling them bad and denying them (even though they might be our treasure). However these energies don’t disappear—they crop up as complexes, uncontrolled acting out, unskillful behavior, and problems that keep happening to us.

In some cases we lose ourselves because it’s dangerous to be different, smart, sexual, playful, insightful, or authoritative. We also lose ourselves through excessive admiration of people who are “greater” than we are, thereby avoiding the risk of being true to natural genius. We live hunkered down in a barrel, try to rumba on a two by four, consume everything in a smorgasbord or try to write while white-water rafting.

Astrology reminds us of who we are. When we hear wisdom in our charts, we get goose bumps, tear up, or smile in recognition and relief. Astrology encourages and supports us in owning our power and taking responsibility for tending the flame that is our life. Understanding our charts helps us to regard and utilize all life circumstances as treasure.

When Soul deems it’s time for us to deepen, grow, graduate or go through another life passage, astrology serves similarly to the signs held up to encourage the swift, differently-abled (or differently labeled) marathon runners—favored and underdog alike. The signs say, "This is what time it is! This way! Hang in there! It’s okay to stop! On to your destiny! Live the life you love!"

Astrology offers inspiration, motivation, and hope for each child born and for every adult struggling to remember. Learning to read the chart is doable and accessible. Actually, we already know some important basics in our common familiarity with the elements of fire, earth, air, and water.

Guided by wisdom astrologer Deborah Singletary

Deborah makes her life and living as an astrologer, artist, and interfaith minister.  She founded Vision Carriers in 1986 as a way of organizing her various missions. Her astrology practice has been continuous for over 40 years. She incorporates astrology in her work as a spiritual counselor and spiritual companion.

Her  Sun sign is Taurus, Moon in Gemini, and Cancer rising.

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