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Tel: 212-234-1329

Text: 646-249-5924

Deborah Singletary
Vision Carriers
108 West 141st Street
Harlem, NY 10030


Deborah Singletary

Founder Ordained Interfaith Minister
Astrological Consultant,
30+ years
Exhibiting Artist

Expressive Arts Facilitator

Harlem, NY

Vision Carriers supports people in desirable or unwelcome life changes by means of:

  • Astrology

  • Art Workshops

  • Ceremonies and ritual


"At first, I thought my call to the ministry was separate from being an artist. Gradually, I discerned that my work as a minister encompasses my passion for art. Both art and the ministry can pierce the veil that separates us from our true selves. Both art and the ministry have the power of dissolution and creation. This excites me.

The legacy of Harriet Tubman informs and inspires my concept of what it means to help others actualize their dreams and visions. Few people in the United States undergo the kind of danger and risks Tubman endured. However, learning to live authentically does take courage and insight if one is to overcome numbing societal and personal obstacles."

Vision Carriers is networked to various teachers, healers, artists, and other visionaries involved in the field of self growth.

To read more about Deborah Singletary's philosophy of art read her journals [ARTFUL LIVING].                        —Deborah Singletary

inez new photo2.jpg
Inez Singletary

Lunations Author

Astrological Consultant, 30+ years


Subscribers to receive free insight about each new and full Moon. The new and full moon counsel, written by Inez Singletary, includes a practicum for people who want to embody spiritual principles that will be reflected in their everyday lives.

Inez Singletary teaches astrology and tarot with the aim of facilitating the making of people who will foster the stronger ties that make the new social order. She often includes the teaching of crafts as a way of making lessons into “first manifestation” as well as bringing creators into the hum and flow of channeling the One.

Inez says that she intends to teach and use astrology for peace, calling the art “an inner compass to negotiate the world without.”


Your Lunations speaks directly me. It is so affirming to hear what I feel so eloquently written. —Carol F., Brooklyn, NY

Deborah and Inez are sisters of by blood and vision.

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