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Living in a Shell

Full Moon | July 3, 2023 | 11 Capricorn 19’

Things you could say to a crab: “Don’t hide your light under a bushel. Sometimes you have to toot your own horn.” My mother told me these two things on the regular. Such is wisdom you would say to a person who did not seem to take their proper place out front, a person who moves to the side, and not to the front.

I am Cancer rising. I was shy, I guess. It may be that I was unwilling to take risks, gamble, and possibly fail. I recall my mother stabbing my palm with her finger as she pointed out the dangers of crossing the street and warned me not to let the grocer cheat me. “You can’t make me afraid!” I said to her. This was plaintive, not rebellious. She was making me feel afraid and that wasn’t the best preparation for going forth in the world. Maybe all my life I’ve been a little afraid. To mention my mother is not to blame her. I bring up this story to show the effect of conditioning. Conditioning can be both Cancer (habits) and Capricorn, as in these are the things that might bite you in the ass. There are the limits that you cannot cross—the ceilings you cannot break through.

Many of our messages to each other are fear based. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. You are not. You cannot. This is your place. This is your furthest. Don’t stick out your neck. You could lose it.

The Capricorn Full Moon always reflects a Cancer Sun. Cancer is the first water sign, the sign of summer. Cancer is the IC, the foundation of the chart, your foundation in home and family. How you feel is the foundation of your Capricorn world.

The shell, being hard and solid, could represent Capricorn.

In my mind this closes the space between Cancer and Capricorn. They are not a pole apart. They are inner and outer as one.

Have home will travel. Feel safe wherever you are. Wherever you go, there you are. You can’t leave a situation you do not like unless your departure represents a change of mind and conviction. Otherwise, you will repeat the thoughts that have not changed which will be mirrored by the same old circumstances.

Sun and Mercury are in Cancer. Cancer is about emotional safety, which is about how you feel within. Wherever the Moon is, it serves the sense of emotional safety of the Cancer house. Cancer rising asks, “Am I safe? Is it safe to be me?” Cancer on the 10th might ask. Is the world safe? Is the world coming to an end? Am I safe out in the world?

Moon in Capricorn might ask, Am I somebody? Am I a person of note? Am I looked up to? Do I meet the standard? Am I accepted? Or am I an outcast, a cast off, or a nobody? Do I feel that I am not enough, and don’t have enough class, clout, status, or worth?

In Qabalah, Cancer is represented by Key 7, The Chariot. Seven means Victory. Do I feel secure in obtaining victory? Do I feel secure enough to risk failure? What would I do if I were not afraid to fail?


Love or fear? Which is the basis of my choices? If I am burned out, it could be that I’m only doing what I have to do to eat and keep a roof overhead, or not incur disdain or rejection from others. Maybe the fire is to my butt and not in my heart.

Do something motivated by love, not fear. Do something you want to do instead of something you should do.

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