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For the Love of Money

Updated: Apr 30

Full Moon | April 23, 2024 | 4 Scorpio 18’


 Money can buy stuff, but it can’t buy love. What we really want from the stuff we buy is something that will make us feel good or better. Ultimately stuff is not the source of meaning and joy and so even when we get the stuff we don’t feel good for long. I remember screaming in my car with joy when I had gotten a job that I thought would be ideal. But in a matter of months, I found that the job created its own set of problems and left much to be desired. It bolstered by self-esteem here and there but did nothing to genuinely elevate me or bring happiness to my core.


What we see about ourselves affects our self-esteem. I recall the day my daughter, who was probably eight at the time, asked me if we were poor. I told her that we were not. I did not see myself as poor, though, money was sometimes limited and I’m sure I used the phrased, “we can’t afford it.” I believe my daughter was trying to identify her status which would become part of her self-esteem and her expectations. We tend to recreate what we see predominantly. We might see ourselves as a “have” or a “have not.”


I was embarrassed the day my daughter asked out loud at a restaurant what her spending limit was, because I used to quietly tell her the range amount that she could order. Don’t order steak. Uh, perhaps not shrimp either. Certainly not lobster.


Let’s call the money I have, Taurus, the fixed earth sign. Fixed earth manifestations don’t easily change and may be perceived as permanent, for example, a “permanent” job or an income ceiling.  The Sun is in Taurus at this full Moon. Note, Taurus, manifestation, immediately follows Aries, vision. 


We might realize that some of this seeing is psychological, because what we see is subject to our imagination or interpretation. Venus rules imagination and imagination influences our feeling of who we are financially. What we see, we fixate upon.


The Sun in Taurus is a light on one’s attitude and current experience around money, whatever area of life it is in.


Jupiter and Uranus are in Taurus, also, conjunct each other. Might be a time for revolution and growth in financial areas. Workshops and books about how to get money strike me as grabbing the wrong end of the stick. Money is a by-product of vision and being and is not the thing to be sought.  In Manifestations of Wealth, Sandra Moore Hatchett says that her aim is to dispel the myth that wealth is measured in dollars and cents, Her “focus is on things that are worth much more than money.”


You may work on having a sum of money, but that money won’t buy you love, happiness, peace or even security. Seek first the best things in life. Those things are free. Without those things, no amount of money is going to buy you the life you are looking for.




When paired, I think of Jupiter and Uranus as freedom-loving. Imagine having real financial freedom by not letting cash be the determiner of your enjoyment of and participation in life. What if you enjoyed the things that are free to enjoy in recognition of the fact that these things made you truly wealthy?



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