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For Love, Not Money

Your Highness Madam CJ art card by Inez Singletary

New Moon | May 7, 2024 | 18 Taurus 2’


Do the thing for the joy it brings, not for the money. We have been conditioned to do things for money. After all, we say, I have to eat and have a roof over my head. Rather than giving value, substance and love, we give for the sake of survival.


Five planets in Taurus at the New Moon provides an opportunity to re-familiarize ourselves with what brings quality and value to our lives. Taurus is ruled by the loving, imaginative and pleasurable Venus. However, four of the Taurus planets are in an irritable semi-square with Mars in Aries (impulse, inspiration and motivation). This energy could be used to check whether we are serving our true values or fear of lack.


In this New Moon Chart, Taurus wants to express through work, service and healing. Consider the therapeutic aspects of art, not only for the audience, but for the artist who generates the work. Some time ago, when I was in crisis, I created about 12 dot paintings. Although the impulse to create was to calm myself and take my mind off of my troubles, I ended up selling some of them.


When our work or service is for value, we tend to also want to put quality into it.


Listen to the voice inside your head. Is it irritable and critical? Is what you mean to be love coming off as disparaging, fault-finding and nitpicking for yourself and others? If your voice is cranky, your appreciation for the abundance you live in and the gifts you have, might be off. If your voice is cranky, your offerings might also lack quality.


Saturn in Pisces sextiles The Sun, Moon and Uranus in Taurus. When Saturn is in harmony with Uranus, the old and the new and tradition and innovation can work together. The conditioning to do things for the money can become the focus to do things for love, joy and satisfaction.


Otherwise, we become prisoners of the conditioning. If you do what you do for the money and not the joy, there can end up being a shortage of both money and joy.


If one finds oneself doing a job they don’t love and possibly hate, quitting on the spot might be irresponsible. Do what you can to add joy to your life, even if it's only a little bit. Like saving pennies and small change, your investment in joy can accrue meaningful benefits.




Do it for Love. Money may or may not be attached to what you want to do or experience, but at least love is. Do what you do for the joy it brings. Take yourself on an artist date where you do something enjoyable that might also expand you. I remember an artist date where I visited a local bookstore that also sold beautiful cards and paper. I noticed these three-dimensional cards which had baubles and gems on them, and imitated the style with my own unique results. Perhaps your inner artist/lover is starved to be noticed and engaged. If your wallet doesn’t have entertainment dollars in it, find something free or minimal, such as an exhibit or a book-signing. A visit to the art store or the fabric store with $10 or $20 to spend can start you on a new project, and stock you up on ideas.

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