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Pain Identity

New Moon | Solar Eclipse

April 8, 2024, 19 Aries 24’

There is a dimension of life that we cannot manipulate but must acknowledge and respect. Call it the inner life or the spiritual life. If we do not recognize our inner, hidden life, we will be baffled and wounded and unable to rise above or get beyond our pain, which is usually caused, in our minds, by something and someone else who we wish would just change or apologize.


In the face of that which is tangible to the senses, It’s customary, even natural, to act as if everything happens in the outer world of name and form and that which is interior or hidden, doesn’t matter. It has been customary in business, for example, to say keep your feelings out of it. You have entered the space where feelings are discounted or denied. We pretend that there are no underlying reasons for things.


For example, Covid was presented as this freak thing that inserted itself into our lives to to which we had no connection. But in many ways, 2020 exhibited the height of hatred. And hatred is usually born of fear. I noticed that people who considered themselves good had no problem speaking in hateful ways toward those they considered enemies.


In regard to climate change, if we had a better handle on our mental climate, we would have better physical climate outcomes. Many take no notice of the toxins they spew, even though they regard themselves as a good person. Such people might feel that anything said about the people they hate is deserved by them.


Now we are experiencing a New Moon Solar Eclipse that is exactly conjunct Chiron, best known as The Wounded Healer. Essentially, the message is “Physician, heal thyself.”


Everybody hurts sometimes and often thinks the source of their hurt is outside of them. The New Moon in Aries at the Solar Eclipse challenges us to realize "I am the one. I am responsible for caring for my own alignment and for the world that is of my making by my imagination and interpretation blended with what is true, whether or not I acknowledge it."


Let us not make an identity out of our pain. I am the Jew, the Black, the woman, the child, the gay, who suffered at the hands of others and suffers still. Therefore, nothing to do but hurt and wait. Or fight and organize. Or perhaps join a collective pain identity. We make an identity out of our pain when we suffer in unity, but not heal.




The New Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron in Aries advises: don’t lead with your pain. The things that may have hurt you in the past when you were not aware of your own strength, cannot hurt you now, unless you continue to be unaware of your own strength, unless you nurture your trauma and not your health.


Cease to make a past and future of your pain. Be here now, even if you feel pain that you cannot yet shake. It happened in the past and is over if you are here now present to the immense majesty within.


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