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It’s Only a Movie

Detail from Vincent Van Gogh Self Portrait

New Moon | February 23, 2020 | 4 Pisces 29’

It’s only a movie. The scene is projected from the sight center at the back of my brain, on to the “sets” of my life. Although it is said that "Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies" I know that my enemies are not my enemies—except by how I imagine them.

Therefore, I do not fear them. They might appear as real threats, as possessors of a power over me that I do not and cannot have over myself, but , that is not the truth. Thinking of others as having power over me puts me in bondage. The truth sets me free. I imagine. I can re-imagine.

I must start re-imagining and re-imaging now, wherever I am in my story—no matter what I face. The beauty of this power is that I have everything I need. I don’t have to buy anything. I don’t have to wait for anyone, even myself.

All I must do is become more conscious. All I must do is be aware of myself in the game, in the dance, in the drama, in the scary shit.

Today’s very helpful step is to know that there is a connection between my subconscious (Pisces) and self-conscious mind, (Aries), between what I don’t see (Pisces) and what I do see (Aries). Remember that conjoining signs blend at the point where we draw a clean line. Even though we have water and fire, there is a point at which they ease into each other, and so are not separate.

Since Aries is the second house when Pisces is ascending, I see (or don’t see) my value. Mars, ruler of Aries is in Capricorn, where it is said to work well, is cooperating nicely with the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Pisces.

Pisces Wisdom Pisces is associated with the body through its assignment to the 18th Key of Tarot, which, though called The Moon and related to the Moon, is assigned to the last sign of the zodiac, changeable water, i.e. emotional. The Intelligence of Key 18 is the corporeal or bodily intelligence. This immediately suggests that emotions are the intelligence of the body.

We might say that if Pisces is “I Believe”, there must be something to that which is called, The Biology of Belief. Belief permeates the body. Carolyn Myss, medical intuitive, says:

“Emotional energy contributes to the formation of cell tissue, and forms an energy language which carries literal and symbolic information. In this way, your biography, that is, the experiences that make up your life—becomes your biology.”

This might suggest that now is a great time to be aware of the importance of being present in your body. The proponents of being here now say that this means you must be in touch with your body. If your mind is off into past or future, you cannot be here. You cannot be where you’re not anymore, or in some future safety where you’ve made it and have it all together.


Notice your reactions and responses. Notice when you are triggered, when a reaction to something floods your being. Notice if you are numb too. Noticing is part of becoming consciousness. Bring your mind back to your body, by slowing your breath. Notice that 10 minutes of conscious breathing can calm you in a crisis. It is more about aligning with the energy that centers you, than about doing something. First feel. Then do.

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