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Your Light is Love

New Moon | September 17, 2020 | 25 Virgo 01’

Make the spiritual a practical reality in your life. Look to The Hermit. Follow the light. Do you want a new president? Follow the light. Do you need to meet a deadline? Follow the light. Do you need an answer? Do you need rescue from a raging sea? Follow the light held high by a light bearer you cannot see in the darkness.

Be a light. Light a candle. Lighten your heart. Have a moment of neutrality where the foreign, irascible, incomprehensible other is as important as yourself. Let your black and your white, bad and good, up and down, blend into the grey of your garment and find you fulfilled.

Your light is love; you know. Your light brings together that which is above and that which is below in an interlacing interlock.

Practice your spirituality. You will know you are doing this when your stance is like the Hermit. Your back is straight. Your footing is sure. You proudly raise the lamp of love and you bow your head against the staff that walked you up. Behold the light. “I uphold the light,” you say.

It is a far-gone conclusion. Attainment is yours. You are certain. The world you serve is a present reality far above the shallow, shadowy, confused masses.

How deep is your love? How well can you penetrate? How much of a rocking good time can you show? How Midas is your touch?

The Hermit is a representative, not only of Virgo, but of Chiron, the wounded healer. Be done with your injuries, your grievances, and your hurts. The Hermit, like Chiron, is a maverick. He is a nonconformist; an individualist. The Hermit is virgin. He does what he does, not to please another, or even himself. He does what he does because it is true.

Let this be your talisman, your gift, your password, your passage. Life is not supposed to be hard. Life is not supposed to be some valiant slavery, some bloody atonement for sins of the past.

Make sure your life matters to you. If you feel so lonely you could die, so sick you could die, so mad that you cannot take it anymore, take up the light that is your love. The minute you raise your light, others will see it and be captivated by it. They will sense your value and draw near to you. They will honor you and treasure you.


When you go to bed, lay your burdens down. Whatever you have been worried about or whining about, give a rest. Say to yourself that you hope you have done well with this day and forgive yourself if you think you fell short. When the morning comes, rise and shine. Sit up or stand up and stretch out your arms. Declare yourself open to give and receive the gifts of the day.

Write morning pages. The morning pages are three pages of stream of consciousness writing. This is a practice suggested by Julia Cameron in her book, The Artist’s Way. You are an artist, even if you do not identify as such. You are artist, author and architect of your life. When you start writing keep going. If you do not know what to write. Write that. Write. “I do not know what to write or say. I do not even know what I want. I do not know what I am doing. However, I am going to keep going. I am going to row the boat of my feelings gently down the stream to see where it takes me . . .”

What you are after is the stream of consciousness. What you are after is letting your mind stream rather than rattle or wrack with worry. If you have concerns state them. If you hear answers, write them. It is a new Moon in Virgo. Virgo is The Hermit and the number 9, number of conclusion and attainment. Nine is the end that promotes a new beginning. Begin at the end. Begin as if you have all that you need. You do.

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