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You Must Be Free to Get Free

Rage Child, Mixed Media, Deborah singletary

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse | July 4, PDT, July 5, EDT | 13 Capricorn 38’

In a television movie about Harriet Tubman,* one of the runaways was so fearful of getting caught that he wanted to go back, hoping to receive lesser punishment with his dutiful return. He could not handle the stress of trying to get free. Harriet cocked and aimed her rifle, telling him that she would kill him rather than allow him to jeopardize the determined mission of the others to endure their way to freedom.

The Moon is full in 13 degrees Capricorn square Chiron and Mars in freedom-assuming Aries. In the next day or so the Moon will conjunct Pallas-Athene, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all in Capricorn. Capricorn is form. When we speak of systemic racism, we are speaking of form. Those of us who would be free of it, often unwittingly contribute to it by unconsciously playing by and thereby reinforcing the rules of the game.

Journey 2020 is the solitary or individual crossing into mental freedom. Even if you are with a bunch of people headed for whatever border to freedom, you must keep your stealth. You must free yourself from whatever your form of bondage or oppression is. Otherwise, you will find an excuse to remain behind or maligned. Never reverse your self-talk to freedom. While you are moving away from the slave holders, the so-called powers-that-be, you do not take them on your journey, carrying them in your head, protesting the horrid treatment that caused you to risk it all to be free, and ruminating on the abuse that you think your loved ones left behind are now suffering. Freedom. Sweet freedom. You must be free to get free. You no longer anticipate, think, feel or act like a slave.

When I saw a woman standing at a microphone demanding inclusion by Hollywood, I felt annoyed. Why not model Tyler Perry and get it done in unconventional ways with ultimately fewer if any strings attached? You cannot demand power be externally applied, granted you by power holders who acquiesce and share. If you think someone else is controlling you, especially maliciously, they ain’t gonna give anything except maybe some little nothing to shut you up while they go about their agenda another way. Think about it. Think about a thousand villagers surrounding the town square platform peopled by the powerful. There the villagers are in their agreed upon powerlessness begging or demanding better treatment. They are each saying. You have power over me, and you are ruthless and mean. Please stop forcing me to acquiesce and using me and my brethren to your advantage and causing us increasing disadvantage and despair, taking what little we have.

Actually, they have nothing to give you because they are not inclined or able to disabuse you of your illusions that fancy they have the power that you do not. You are standing in front of somebody saying you are mean, and you have the power. They are going to play their cards to reinforce your illusions. And you are going to keep playing yours according to your illusions and nothing is going to change.

You might say that the villagers should rush that platform and kill the ones that are in power. Then what? Are the villagers going to magically coalesce into a better form of government or management?


“Some people have had to endure severe limitation in their lives, like a loss or a prison cell, to realize that there is a freedom within, where limitations can be transcended (Pluto in Capricorn) through non-judgment of the present moment, non-reaction; reaction (Moon) is unconscious. Response yes. Reaction is against. Through bringing that openness, the yes to what is the internal yes; not necessarily a verbal yes, but in the attitude of being one with the present moment that opens up in you that which is beyond form (Pluto in Capricorn) and there you transcend limitations, and there is freedom.” – Eckhart Tolle

You must begin somewhere. You may have no idea of how to dismantle the system, but you can detach yourself from it. Pick the lock on your own chains by saying, “I am free now. Nothing enslaves me without my agreement.”


*A Woman Called Moses, NBC. 1978

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