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You are Good Now

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Full Moon | June 27 (PDT) June 28 (EDT) 2018/ 6 Capricorn 28’

Old age is no time to get tired. It is time to give up the struggle so that you do not tire. Giving up the struggle means giving up the problem-focused life.

Some people capitalize the “Struggle” and pledge to fight to the death. I regularly receive an e-newsletter that touts one struggle after another in their daily subject line. Here is the injustice or insult for the day. Here’s something to be mad about, to cut your teeth on so that you can go into the world bearing your ferocity.

I have been made aware that most humans wake up with the worry of the day. Most days so do I, however as soon as I can, I catch the worry and switch to a lighter note. It is not okay to have negativity before coffee. If a new alarm occurs later into my day I say to myself. “Don’t worry. In two or three days, you won’t be worried about this. You will have a new worry.” This is to let me know that this problem, fresh and attention grabbing though it may be, ultimately may not be that important in the scheme of things. In any case, even if the problem seemed important, struggle and worry would weigh me down and undermine my ability to come to a resolution.

Senior years are the time to give up striving for success and recognition in the way that indicates you are motivated by lack and hoping to redeem yourself and prove to yourself and others that you are somebody. No matter your age, you can benefit from accepting yourself today, and not putting off self-acceptance for achievement day. You are not good when. You are good now.

Struggle and problems are represented by the Moon in Capricorn, especially since it is conjunct Saturn in Capricorn and Saturn represents the energy of restriction and obstruction. To some, Saturn feels like the great withholder. Capricorn is the field of appearances, and what appears is often dark and therefore foreboding. In Capricorn you often feel like you can’t, but this is simply because you can’t see. Your eyes don’t work here. You must close your eyes to see with your single inner eye.

It is the Sun in Cancer that is mirrored by the Moon conjunct Saturn in Cancer. Cancer is the feeling nature. Feelings are the summation of your sense experience, that which you see and hear, touch, taste, and smell. The dictionary defines feelings as an emotional state or reaction and gives the synonyms love, affection and sentiment. Feelings are also defined as beliefs, including vague or irrational ones.

The Irrational brings Aries into the picture because Aries is rational, based on reason and justifiable. Chiron in Aries is being squared by both the Sun and the Moon. Sometimes feelings and appearances defy reason. Sometimes this can work to make you overcome, sometimes it makes you fear that which you should not.

Challenge yourself to see your chosen vision into being. Monitor the influence that the world of appearances is having on you. Don’t allow feelings of doubt and insecurity to sink you. Don’t let appearances of evil and incivility deter you from realizing your own head of state which aligns with your heart-centered being.


Chiron in Aries brings us to its ruler, Mars in Aquarius, which has gone retrograde just before the Full Moon culmination. Chiron and Mars are in a harmonious relationship. This aspect suits the idea of Eric Butterworth: “Any person who thinks originally, will feel confident in the wisdom of Universal Mind. Original thinking is the creative and dynamic force that leads every person to great heights of achievement...It spurs the inventor to new developments that give security to the pioneer who conquers the wilderness…No matter what the circumstances you face, there is still guidance for you, if you will simply “stand still and see the salvation of Jehovah, which he will work for you today.”

Stand still until the urge to movement is inspired from a knowing place within. If you are pushing or forcing with angst or agitation, you might want to stop and take stock. Let your feelings be your guidance. If you don’t feel good, don’t act yet, or don’t act on that. If you feel poised and confident, proceed. You will find yourself guided perfectly by an unseen loving and wise hand.

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