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Will is Contemplative

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Mundo Lighthouse of Brazil

New Moon | Partial Solar Eclipse/July 12, 2018/20 Cancer 41’

If we, perchance, have strayed too far from True North, the eclipses are a good time for bi-annual reorientation. Eclipses always find the Sun and or the Moon either conjunct or opposite the Moon’s Nodes, also known the Dragon’s head and tail. The Sun and Moon are in Cancer and widely conjunct the Nodes. North Node is in Leo indicating that you follow your heart, follow your gold or your bliss, follow the Sun, be all that you can be. Be pure and fearless. The South Node in Aquarius says don’t follow the crowd and don’t follow the reward.

Know how you feel to change how you feel to change what you draw. Let your feelings guide you. Expect the best.

You can be the house that the tornadoes and fires go around, but you cannot do it with your own hands or your own powers. You can also be the one singled out for the blessing that did not seem possible. It’s about your patterns as expressed by your feelings and this is the result of what has already been done. It is what it is.

Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac and water is associated with feeling, that automatic response to something which cannot always be explained. Yet Tarot, Key 7, assigned to Cancer, represents speech. We usually associate Gemini’s words and thoughts more with speech, but Cancer does follow Gemini and we have the idea of stream of consciousness, which suggests thoughts have a watery quality. We have an opportunity to let our feelings speak to us.

We can expect the subject to be home and family, particularly from the standpoint of the expression of love and loyalty or fidelity. An accompanying theme might be love shown through financial commitment or generosity. We might also be talking about money as power, or as a coercive force. With Sun and Moon opposed Pluto, we can experience upheaval or revelation, as that which was dark is now made clear. We can experience a change of what we expect from the world. We might step out of the cast or caste we are in, realize that the world seems to be imposed, but needs our cooperation, identification and agreement. It is a matter of knowing your place, or not. Does your “place” suit you? Are you good with where you are? Are your hills alive with the sound of music? Are you too old? Too young? Are you supposed to be happy because you have the accoutrements, but find yourself joyless? Things are seen in a different light. The light shines in the dark places. It hits you like, Oh.

Leo follows Cancer. The strength of Leo is contemplative. Will is contemplative. Contemplative means expressing or involving prolonged thought, consistent with the fixed or stable quality of the sign. Synonyms are thoughtful, pensive, reflective, meditative and introspective. Contemplative is also a noun to represent a person whose life is devoted primarily to prayer. What is meant here is not just the person in religious life, but the human being living life as a sacred responsibility, whose prayer is not necessarily petition, but connection or mindfulness. To pray is to speak to God by whatever name or no name. Harriet Tubman said, “I talk to God and God talks to me.”


Do you have the strength to be contemplative in the midst of wild life? If you find yourself in alarming situations, keep your eye single. Don’t do anything in a panic. Be still until you know that you know.

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