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Why People Don’t Heal

Full Moon | March 7, 2023 | 16 Virgo 40’

Illness can excuse one from school or work, or whatever one is supposed to show up for in life. Illness can say, “I can’t. You understand, right? This illness happened to me--it's out of my hands. I'm off the hook.”

The Moon in Virgo calls attention to matters related to health and the opposition to the Sun in Pisces shows the connection between emotional and physical health. When your health breaks down beyond your ability to manage it yourself, you can wind up in the hospital—a 12th house, Pisces, area of life. Consider that when we have difficulty healing, it is because there is a disconnect between our bodies (Virgo) and our emotions (Pisces). We thwart the Power that is trying to inform us through the illness by blocking the beauty in the message. If we tuned into the message, it would guide us to even greater well being. Illness is not a punishment. It can serve as a revelation.

Pisces is emotional health and Virgo is physical health. They are opposites of the same coin. They work together. Tarot calls the Pisces Key, the corporeal (bodily) intelligence.

I want to insert here that Pisces is a water sign and that our bodies, of which Pisces is the Intelligence, are about 70 percent water, meaning mostly water, meaning that we are mostly emotional, though we own it not.

My recent health stuff has to do with learning that I have post-nasal drip. It has shown itself once or twice a month for the last 20 years or so. I sometimes wake up at night with a throat so dry, I feel I could die if I don’t get some water. I have learned to keep water by my bed in case dry throat and coughing happens.

It never occurred to me to discuss this with my doctor. I didn’t know my symptoms had a name, but when I heard post nasal drip described as one of the conditions that sometimes accompanies menopause, with the name I was able to identify it as having to do with the sinuses. I already knew from past sinus infections, that per Louise Hay, Heal Your Life, sinus had to do with deep irritation toward someone close.

Menopause is not just hormones going wild because they want to. My life circumstances at menopause were the emotional source of this physical condition. I have been trying protocols to prevent these nighttime post-nasal disturbances which have been more frequent and more severe post my Christmas engagement with Covid-19. The protocols were helping, but despite this, I woke up one day last week with a sinus infection that I knew immediately how to link. It was not severe enough to keep me from my appointed duties. It was meant to alert me that there was something in my life that needed attention. Remember, Mercury has something to do with paying attention and it rules Virgo, as well as Gemini. Paying attention means becoming more conscious of your body’s signals so that you can become more awake and cooperative.

This Full Moon in Virgo opposite the Sun in Pisces, features a square from Mars in Gemini to both of them. Mars is irritation and inflammation. This puts Mars in a 4th house position (home, family, and internal feelings) which in my case reminds me not to be angry with myself.

Why People Don’t Heal is the title of a book by Carolyn Myss


Ponder this portion of the March 7th offering from Trust Your Life by Louise Hay:

“We can’t move to new levels of consciousness if we remain stuck in old judgments, prejudices, guilt, and fears. As we each practice unconditional love of ourselves and others, the entire planet will heal.”

Look into your eyes in the mirror and say dynamic things to yourself (mirror work is credited to Louise Hay.) Of course, you are going to say, I love you. No matter if you are mad or you don’t understand, I love you and treasure you. I celebrate you today. I celebrate your victory and your inner authority.

Say your dynamic self proclamations out loud with dramatic, poetic and eloquent oratory. Photo of artist Carol Foy by Francine Pearsall

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