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We need a little . . . Christmas?!

Full Moon | April 6, 2020 EDT | 16 Libra 7’

I love it when a song plays in my head out of nowhere. I usually find meaning and message in it. “We Need a Little Christmas” is the song I heard in my head a few days before the Full Moon. At first I couldn’t remember the word Christmas in the lyric, so I kept repeating, “We need a little . . . “ until I was surprised by the word Christmas! It’s a Christmas song and not one that I am particularly fond of.

I had been picking on myself a little bit in true Moon in Virgo style, which is where the Moon was that day. I needed a little a-child-is-born, celebrate-the-child-within. As the song says, I’d “grown a little leaner, grown a little colder, grown a little sadder, grown a little older, and I need a little angel sitting on my shoulder.”

My mood was mild and passing, however, I got this little piece of the universe playing with me, setting me up, I feel, to be more in balance when the Full Moon is here. Ceres the Mother, is in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces. Christmas is a little Neptunian in its ability to create feeling, especially the feeling of the spirit in joy or comfort.

The song brought the message, “Don’t tramp on me. Don’t be irreverent towards me,” my inner child doing the speaking. “Don’t put me down and throw mud on me. Don’t do it even a little bit.”

The Sun is in Aries, the sign in which reaches its best expression as a flashlight, a candle, or a beacon for new beginnings. After winter, comes the spring.

Got me thinking. Weak health (Virgo) leads to weak balance (Libra), meaning weak relationships. If I weaken myself with negating thinking, I weaken my ability to stand in Aries and be a fair and balanced participant with others.

Transiting Pluto is in the 10th house of the Sun-on-ascendant full moon chart, a hint about our changing world. Pluto was in the early signs of Libra when the Women’s Movement gained momentum in the early 70’s. Consciousness Raising was a component of the movement when women gathered in living rooms to be educated about the injustices to themselves that they were participating in unconsciously to their own detriment.

The decade of the 80’s, with Pluto still in Libra, brought an increased interest in spirituality and another round of consciousness raising. I took up astrology, tarot and qabalah in the late 70’s and my world became more metaphysical and there was much talk about the New Age. Now we, women and men alike, were learning that we were actually spiritual beings in human bodies and that if one could change one’s thinking, one could change one’s life.

As Pluto in Libra was in a mental sign and Pluto in Aquarius is also in a mental sign, I wonder about the consciousness raising which is surely to evolve.

Louise Hay asks us to remember that “every time you think a thought, it goes out from you and connects with like-minded people who are thinking the same thing. We can’t move to new levels of consciousness if we remain stuck in old judgments, prejudices, guilt, and fears. As we each practice unconditional love of ourselves and others, the entire planet will heal.”

This gave me a Pluto in Aquarius moment as I thought about the invisible network of like minds I am part of. It gave me a feeling of “spiritual media”.


Give yourself a little Christmas by remembering the light that shines in the darkness. Perhaps add a little Christmas to your altar by wrapping a candle in a little Christmas decoration or adding a bell or other ornament to it. Or place the ornament in a space important to you—your desk or on top of a bookcase.

Practice love of yourself and others, giving a nod in your consciousness to those who think and create with you and like you. Pray that through you, the Word will spread and do its work.

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