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Full Moon | February 5, 2023 | 16 Leo 41’

I told a room of 500 people that I had become a researcher to avoid vulnerability, and when being vulnerable emerged from my data as absolutely essential to wholehearted living, I told these 500 people that I had a breakdown. I had a slide that said ‘breakdown’. At what point did I think that was a good idea?

—Brene Brown on the Ted Talk that made her famous and the crippling vulnerability she felt the morning after.

Vulnerability. Sometimes in writing the lunations, bravely, I spill the beans. But other times, I think that I cannot tell this story with my own blood.

But “Absolutely essential to wholehearted living,” got me. It reminded me of my need for community. Genuine community requires an openness that few of us are not conditioned out of for the sake of protection. I was reminded that one reason I sometimes bravely tell on myself, is that I know a real story told from an intimate angle connects to the reader.

In this full Moon chart, the sun on the ascendent (self) opposes and the moon in the 7th (others). The Sun and Moon squares Uranus on the fourth house cusp. The fourth house is where we try to remain personal and private to protect our vulnerabilities.

Full moons are high emotions and sometimes coincides with people being mad at somebody and threatening breakup and separation. The presence of Uranus in the area of home and family and emotional fragility, makes us generally at risk for unpleasant surprises that might rock our inner world and leave us exposed.

Recently, I desired to illustrate how we might use astrology to allow us to be brave enough to extend conciliatory energy, instead of breaking up and breaking out and condemning the ones we are turning our backs on. This is the vulnerable part for me. What came up for me was that am a hostile friend to my second ex. We have remained friends, but we have intense moments of unfriendliness. I realized that I see him as the person who divorced me, hurt me and did me wrong. Although we may talk and at that moment, I might not be angry, my irritating background belief is, he is the person who did a bad thing to me. And then up pops a quarrel. Don Miguel Ruiz points out that humans are the only species who punish one another (and ourselves) over and over again for the same crime.

In the full Moon chart, Jupiter sextiles Mars perhaps lessening Mar’s aggressive impact. However, Venus, planet of love, squares Mars. This is the thin line between love and hate. I feel charged to learn to offer, carry and vibrate a true, pure love for my ex—unimpeded, unstinted, flowing, healing, living love.


Initiate forgiveness (whether or not it is spoken). Don’t just do it as an exercise. If the idea resonates, forgive in your heart. Let someone, especially someone you love, off the hook. Make it tangible by writing a letter that you do not have to send.

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