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Transcend the Way Things Are

George Washington Carver was an artist of uncommon tools--both as visual artist and a scientist.

Full Moon | October 24, 2018 | 1 Taurus 13’

When her operatic voice hit the high notes, my body tingled. You could say I was moved. She reminded me that life does not respond to your words. Life responds to your feelings. . . . Affirmations spoken while we are convinced of our limitations are ineffective. We might feel strong for one minute, then weak for a week. We’ve got alternating currents here that get us nowhere. Words are only words and I hope they make you feel that you can transform the lead of your doubts, fears and limitations into a golden road. Care to feel bountiful and beautiful, and good all over; good enough to smile, to throw your arms open and fold life into your embrace. To transcend the way things are, your habitual feelings, reactions and responses must change for a sustained period until the change is discernible to you. Talk it, think it until you feel it. When you feel it and keep it, you got it.

This change in you can happen today. We love drama, but it does not have to be melodrama. Do your change for this hour, then do your change in the next hour and in tomorrow, when the hour and the morrow are now. This is how you do it.

Changing is about feeling better about things a little at a time. Reach for and accentuate the positive. The noise of social media and news may be sickening and frightening. How are you surviving? You feel better by loving in the life you’re living. Don’t wait for anything to change for you to feel better. It just doesn’t happen that way. That is why we are still waiting. That’s why things can appear to be worse. You are the central character in your movie. Devastation and despair may be all around you, but you can survive and thrive, even if you are all alone.

Practicum: Taurus is the voice, Scorpio, the feeling.

When a parent speaks to a baby in distress, the baby hears the soothe in the voice, not the words of the language. Same thing happens when a human soothes an animal. It is not the choice of words, but the delivery of the vibration. You may have to speak thoughts to soothe yourself.

Moon in Taurus is about feeling grounded via connection to intuition. Taurus’ keywords are “I have.” You want to have inner guidance in which you are confident. This is not a matter of the competence of your inner teacher, but in your willingness to hear and follow through. Outside people might tell you stuff, but you must verify it with your own intuition.

Noise, clamor and drama, will make it hard to hear, and you must deliberately set aside some time each day to be still and listen. Not listening may make you want to run off screaming into the dark night.

Perhaps you already set aside 10 or 15 minutes every morning to be quiet, and to quiet your mind. However, consider that you can receive intuition moment by moment. When you catch your mind chatting or even worrying, stop that train. Take a few deep breaths. Consider that the deep breath in is a dip into your subconscious mind. Consider that the out-breath refreshes your mind. Silently ask for help, say a prayer, or ask for an idea. “God speaks to us every [moment] if only, we tune in," says George Washington Carver.

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Oct 24, 2018

Thank you for your comment, Niam0. I am glad that this was some help. I have experienced sleeplessness at full moons, especially if the Moon is shining through a window in the room where I am sleeping. Drawing the curtain helps. And yes on GW Carver, the multi-talented genius.


Niamo Nancy Muid
Niamo Nancy Muid
Oct 24, 2018

I love this! I was going through so much leading up to this moon. Found myself upstate alone in my dad's house that I'm fixing up for rental. Couldn't sleep the whole night (Monday) and kept hearing an animal's strange howl or hoot. Thought it was the beeping of the fire alarm in response to the pellet stove fire. No, that wasn't it. Then, a revelation-- I've been in a fantasy world for the 3 years and 8 months since he passed. Wow, mourning took that long. Surprise-- the howling/hooting immediately stopped. So I'm also surprised today is the full moon because it surely looked like it and felt like it for the past 2 days, at least up there…

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