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To Myself I am Monster

Full Moon | March 1, 2018 | 11 Virgo 23’

I stand in need of the alms of my own kindness. I myself am the enemy who must be loved.” — C. G. Jung

I like to call the Full Moon that “great mirror in the sky.” The Full Moon mirrors us to ourselves. Sometimes the reflected image is so uncomfortable for us that it launches us into full blown drama and conflict. We reject the reflection and blame the other. The Full Moon is highly responsive or reactive because when active in our charts, the issues it presents are reaching a head. At the full moon you can feel full, as in satisfied, or you can be fed up. Moon in Virgo brings up health issues, especially concerning the knees (Inability to bend, fear, inflexibility) and aging-related concerns—particularly despair about fulfilling your dreams or having enough money to live on.

I am telling myself a story about an episode I am living. I am Beauty in the making. The antagonist is the Beast. I am made beauty-full by “making” or discerning the beauty that is disguised as the beast. Making is the act or process of forming, causing, doing, or coming into being. Since I accept the premise there is no assertion or intrusion—only attraction, I don’t touch the beast. I don’t strike it in my mind with angry words. I don’t demand or command the beast. My ultimate work is not to make the beast, but to make my beauteous self, for I am monster to myself whenever I doubt or criticize myself and believe that I am mortal, and despair that I shall one day leave this body that is now my vessel and my temple. Therefore, I hate myself, because no matter what I do, or how perfectly I eat or conscientiously I exercise, I am going to die.

For this New Moon we have four planets and two asteroids in Pisces. The asteroid Juno leads the procession of Sun, Neptune, Venus in Pisces. The asteroid Chiron brings up the rear at 27 degrees of Pisces. I re-envision Chiron from wounded healer to Maverick, as it was originally named by its discoverer. Chiron has also been called Shaman. I decide to drop wounded because I don’t want to encourage and revisit victim-hood, and drop healer in order to acknowledge that one cannot heal another. A shaman can facilitate a healing, but healing is dependent upon the will of the one who is ill.

In the myth, Chiron sustains a wound and is in pain without end because he is immortal. He agrees to surrender his immortality so that he can be relieved of his never-ending pain. This reminds me of the Law of Attraction’s assertion that all pain reflects the separation of self from Source, and that pain is the messenger of that fact. Our pain is our clue that we need to realign with that which we truly are.

As we accomplish this, we move ourselves into the Aquarian Age where we know our connection to the spiritual world and know that we are immortal. We have never and shall never die.


Moon is in Virgo, sign of health and sickness. Louise Hay says that all sickness has lack of self-love as a root, and she says that the way to love the self is to cease to criticize the self.

If you have an ailment, consult the symptoms list on this website, compiled by Louise Hay. Reflect on the metaphysical (planets in Pisces) reason for your ailment. In addition to whatever you might being doing to heal, think upon the metaphysical cause and lighten up on yourself.

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