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These Epochal Times

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

New Moon | March 6, 2019 | 15 Pisces 47’

We are living in epochal times. There is a forward march with a natural and orderly rhythmic harmonious flow. You may not be wading in the water, or waiting in the water as did the black slaves—keeping the dogs off your scent, and keeping yourself still until the present danger passes. When you are moving along the underground (spiritual) railroad, you must keep your head about you. You may be traveling in a group, but you must keep your own head in order to keep your body from panicking as you travel toward freedom.

I use the slave metaphor because of Key 21 of Tarot which is related to Saturn and the pairs of opposites—dominion or slavery. Dominion is dancing on air through the ups and downs, ins and outs of life. Dominion is saying with Harriet Tubman, ”I talk to God and God talks to me.” I am talking about a Universal Intelligence or a Divine Mind by whatever name or no name (represented in astrology by Pisces and the 12th house). Pisces intimates that there is an order in the universe even if that order is not apparent. I believe that there is a way to carry myself so that I am in balance and harmony with Divine Mind and impervious to failure or lack of reward.

Recently I grasped the significance of what it means to operate with split energy. In split energy, we alternately want and doubt and thereby serve two masters — one we love and aspire to, the other we appease and try to please so that we are not bitten for not playing by the rules. When we want and doubt, want and doubt, we get nowhere because before momentum builds on the side of what we want, we are off waffling in a field of doubt. When our momentum is not focused and maintained, our effort is not focused either.

The beautiful thing about this Sun and Moon in Pisces (the imagined) is that it makes a harmonious aspect with Saturn in Capricorn (the real) suggesting that the imagined and real are friends. When we have strong beliefs in the potential and possibility of good, the problems are already surmountable and solved.

We need this, because the planets in Pisces, along with Mercury (mind), retrograde at 29 Pisces, all square Jupiter in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is fiery rhetoric and optimistic speech, but if you do not really believe, deep down inside the emotional arena of wherever Pisces falls in your chart, you will wobble, vacillate and hesitate. Notice if you are operating in the sphere of "me against the world." Try not to be so delicate as to need others to treat you in a way that protects your vulnerable state. That will only reinforce your insecurity and the message the feeling of insecurity carries: [You] are powerful beyond measure . . . Your playing small does not serve the world." Marian Williamson


Introduce or continue stillness practices. You must listen in order to hear. You must be still in order to listen. Give yourself 10 – 20 minutes a day, every day to breathe deeply so that your thoughts may quiet. The more that happens, the more you will hear centering thoughts. Write a little following meditation, a page or two of stream of consciousness. This will keep you balanced as you go about your day, so that you are pulling your own strings and not influenced by would-be puppet masters.

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