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There is No Other

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Our Beloved: spirit guide by Deborah Singletary

Full Moon | October 1, 2020 | 9 Aries 08’

May I reflect this truth to your inviolate self? When there is no “other,” there is no one to fear, no one to overtake you, block you or trip you up. There is only One. When you are one with Me, you fear no one, neither do you hate them and so become the wall builder, which is constructed and patrolled by fear, ready to strike if a breech is perceived.

We hate as a form of protection, a puff up and an ugly face to scare off those we fear. “I hate the way you make feel,” we might finally say. “I hate that I cannot be a lover when it comes to you, that I can’t be friendly, or at least neutral. Since you are not likely to change so that I can feel safe, I am going to be the one to change my stance of fearing you and being made uncomfortable by you.”

The Moon conjuncts Chiron in Aries. When Libra is rising, Aries is the house of the other. “I am nice. I am fair,” you want to declare from the Sun in Libra. “You are hostile. You are hateful. You are destructive,” you say about the opposite sign Aries. And Aries says, “I am who you say that I am and how you react to your definition of me.”

There is no other. There is only “I am that I am.” To heal, one needs to be a maverick, a function of Chiron. You might need to separate yourself from the masses, not as an “other,” but as a trailblazer. Remember, a maverick is not necessarily a rebel. A maverick is an independent-minded individual who does not seek or require approval. A maverick is a virgin, who “does what she does, not to please another, even herself. She does what she does because it is true.” – Demetra George, Asteroid Goddesses.

Follow the masses and you might be following the mob. The masses are wrapped up in the problem and perpetuating it in an unending cycle of fighting and feeding the problem, of getting caught up in the going around in the circles of it, appearing to do something, but only perpetuating the problem and feeding off of it. Aries at its best is the visionary who is also the planner, the producer, and the leader. The vision points to and paves the way for liberation.


The peace, balance, justice, and equilibration of the Sun in Libra is reflected in the vision of the Moon in Aries when there is no sense of separation. Pay attention to your responses to ensure that you are not just a knee-jerk reactor with fear as that which jerks your chain. Pause before you react or respond. Do not let fear lead the charge, nor go into battle without your hookup with the One. Watch your thoughts which become your words which become your deeds.

Light a candle dedicated to your perceived enemies who are part of the One Light. “All and in all, shall I fight myself?” – Book of Tokens, Meditation on Aleph Donate to the Work of Inez Singletary

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