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The Way You Are is the Way You Influence

New Moon | November 7, 2018 | 15 Scorpio 11'’

It is the day after elections in the United States. It is a New Moon. Is it a new day? We say that Scorpio is the sign of transformation. The old form or practice is transcended. We rise, or we die.

We are more connected in this country than we think. It’s like two people at odds under the same roof. Each may be holding steadfast to their position while the emotional space gets thick and nobody’s comfortable, let alone happy. If there are others in the household, they are influenced too.

I view Donald Trump and his cronies as a visit upon me from my own spiritual guidance, as all conflicts have proven to be. The planets tell the unseen story if you are willing to observe and correlate their presence with your conflict. Ultimately the fault is not in our stars but in ourselves. The planets help us to see this. I might naturally go to blame in a conflict. Blame is understandable, but it is not divine law. The divine law is “That which is like unto itself is drawn. Whatever you focus on expands.”

I see life as both a psychological drama with high stakes, and a game that I can’t lose, if I remember to remember the Supreme power, even when the so-called monster appears. It is a story that I am making up. And it is just one of millions of stories in this naked country.

Even though my story is mine to tell, it is woven into the story of humankind, not only today, but tomorrow and through the ages. I can’t get too undone by the way other people are telling the story to themselves. Nor do I try to make anyone see my story or my way. Keeping myself on task and true is enough work, thank you very much. I cannot control others. It’s like playing the game with one hand behind my back, or two of you in a sack. I remind myself many times that it is not about me being all bothered by what other people are thinking and saying, even though it’s bothersome. The way I am is the way I influence.

I have to have the emotional will to aim the arrow toward my vision of good.


If you notice yourself in a negative rant about the other, reflect on how you would behave or think if you were absolutely sure of your power to influence the world for good. Consider the world closest to you first—your person or home—and make some change (small is fine). Notice how good you feel when you expend your energy in the realm of your own world. Rest assured that your good feeling in the moment radiates outward.

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