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The Prize is Life

The Joy child. Mixed media collage by Deborah Singletary.

Full Moon | Lunar Eclipse/July 27, 2018/4 Aquarius 45’

What if you did not assume that the purpose of work is money and therefore did not assume that the only way to get money is to work for it? What if you challenged the notion that you must work for money and earn your life and that work is necessarily hard? Give this some delicious consideration. You don’t have to prove or demonstrate it. Just joyously contemplate it. You ears might be opened to the inner voice’s promptings.

Many of us resonate with the idea of following our bliss, but we still end up following the money, not the bliss. If you are following the money, your true reward can get compromised and watered down. Your eye on the money is your eye off the prize.

The prize is life. The prize is loving life. The prize is doing what you love, today. Love is always at hand, unless of course, you don’t know how to have fun and live joyously at all.

George Bernard Shaw, a Leo, said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” You are the reality that you create. You create the you who lives deftly in the world.

Find a way to put forth a loving, living, enjoyable thing. I was going to write, “do what you love” but doing is often the rub because it does not come from a root place. Doing is often action cut off from connection. Doing without connection leads to dissatisfaction. I have a feeling that if you love, the money will follow, but it may not be directly connected to what you love, and it won’t matter, because it won’t come from suffering or sacrifice either.

Not many of us make money from doing what we love. We do that which is unjoyful because we need money that we may survive. What if the right approach would have money coming in a generous, steady flow from sources that we cannot imagine because we keep repeating the pattern of paying dreary dues and doing that which is life-sucking so that we may have money to keep ourselves on the treadmill to prove that we deserve the goods because we have made the sacrifice.

We really want to thrive and enjoy being alive.

The Moon in Aquarius is for asking the questions that lead to revelations. The Moon in Aquarius is for questioning assumptions. The Moon is conjunct Mars, which can lead to explosive emotions. There is a strong desire to break free of restrictions and “run away to the circus.” Some will also take financial risks with Uranus in Taurus at the 10th of the Sun-on-ascendant chart. With the Moon conjunct the South Node, it is recommended that you don’t just react and repeat, but Mars won’t let you stay put either.


Pursue happiness. Make yourself happy. Do something fun. Do it alone, at least once, so that you do not have to cater to another’s tastes or needs. Feed yourself. See if you can stir yourself up or turn yourself on. Indulge yourself. Be good to yourself. Be particular. Exercise standards. Loosen up. Take a chance. Risk it. Dare to be. Do something small, simple and true to you.

George Bernard Shaw, quoted earlier, is a Leo whose 162nd birthday was yesterday. He said, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Remember that Leo likes and needs to play. Shaw also said “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything.” This is apropos the Moon in Aquarius. Stop thinking your old thoughts by being silent and contemplative for a bit. New thoughts are born out of stilling thoughts. With Moon conjunct Mars, new ideas are likely to have a revolutionary impact in your world.

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