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The People vs. Caesar

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Full Moon | December 26, 2023 | 4 Cancer 58’


Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are the signs representing “we the people.” We continue to examine our community health, which includes our disillusionment with political structures that do not seem to serve or care for the people. To make matters worse, the people seem to abdicate responsibility for the way things are. We have our own voice in social media, but some use it to exaggerate our differences and tear down those with whom they disagree. However, we have a responsibility for non-violent communication and participation.


With the Sun in Capricorn, we begin the critical season of dealing with our own darkness when it comes to relationships. With Capricorn in the ascendant position, Mars and Mercury set the zealous fires in our collective unconscious and perhaps encourages us to blame others for the collapse of civility. Mars and Mercury square Neptune. Anger rules when we don’t allow compassion for those we don’t understand or agree with.


Few of us commit physical violence. However, we easily ignore the ways in which violent tongues may contribute to the mayhem we see in the world. With Mars conjuncting Mercury, it takes extra strength and wisdom to sow peace when we’re triggered by the other.  In fact, our tendency to “other” people is what keeps the stage set for war. Ego tends to separate, to protect “me and mine” because “they” are wrong and because “they” are against me.”


Caesar plays hard in our lives. Caesar is the system, the ruthless powers and the cheaters. Sometimes we are dismayed by how to play with odds seemingly stacked against us. Sometimes it’s life or death, home or homeless, win or lose. It doesn’t seem at all damn fair, and we feel like we have to cheat, fudge, and fake less we be eaten.


Capricorn represents Caesar in this scenario and Cancer represents “the People.” Capricorn is the world and systems and structure, while Cancer represents the sense of personal vulnerability.


At this Full Moon with Capricorn ascending, the impersonal signs are in the first quadrant. Pluto in the first house says, I have to use my power responsibly. Saturn on the cusp of the house of communication says, I must think responsibly and Neptune in the third says, I must be compassionate when it is easy to default to hate because Mercury conjunct Mars lights the fire that can cause mental blindness. In this blindness I justify cruelty toward others.


Our chart tone is Virgo, the sign that completes our personal vessel and has to do with the health of our mind and body. Juno in Virgo speaks of the community mental health that has been teetering for so long.


I took notice of the rage we were building toward those with whom we disagreed pre-pandemic. I considered that the pandemic was an outgrowth of this rage, though we do not tend to see these connections. This Full Moon asks us to do so for the common good and general welfare.




Reframe speech that expresses anger, vulnerability and fear. Say something like, “It matters what I think and speak. Therefore, I vow to keep animosity at bay by speaking words of love. This practice begins with words of love to yourself.

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