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The Overground Railroad

Updated: Feb 10, 2018

Full Moon

Lunar Eclipse January 31, 2018 11 Leo 37’

“How I got over,” Aretha sang. “My Soul looks back and wonders how I got over?” The Sun is in Aquarius and occupies a position

in the map of your birth. 11 degrees of Aquarius affects you the way it affects you, depending on how it relates to other planets and positions in your chart.

We don’t get to divide the Sun. We share this Sun as we share the planets. The sector of Aquarius is being occupied in every place, and though we may be different, with different agendas, hopes and wishes, our Aquarius sectors overlap. Aquarius might be your 6th house, it could be in my 12th. We experience it differently,simultaneously simultaneously

The message of this Full, ain’t-playing-with-you, Lunar Eclipse Moon in Leo is that this bud’s for you. This is your moment to unfold. This is your life to make the best of. This is your life to create, to radiate, and to say, “I done good” about. This is your life to be dynamically proud and satisfied with. Leo is your individual creation, your personal area of cultivation. The Sun rules Leo suggesting that the Moon, having a different function from the Sun, may not be as strong in the sign. The present state of your will is being reflected.

What is will? Is it just drive and push and persist? Or is it the willingness to make something out of your individual and unique life day by day and stone by stone? Are you sowing and tilling the field that is your life? Are you tending your garden? Are you mirroring in Leo, the Sun in Aquarius? Or is the Moon in Leo temporarily reflecting the weakened will of a person who is feeling somewhere shy of magnificent? Are you are hanging back from your desires, cause you just don’t think you have the goods and you are not wanting to take any chances, to call attention to yourself, then have nothing to show but egg face.

Paradoxically, Aquarius represents common humanity and uncompromising individuality at the same time. Oprah (Aquarius) tried to be Barbara Walters until she realized she could only make a second to Barbara. She looked in the direction of what her best Oprah might be. We all know how that story is turning out.

Aquarius is our, “I know,” sector. This is what I know for sure. This is the big time new time and you get to go to heaven while you are on this earth if you can, whatever this means for you. This is as individual as you are. You are not going to get to a heaven-space unless you can travel alone, though with other travelers, and unfurl your personal hero’s journey.

It is time to get on board the Overground Railroad. The symbol for Aquarius can represent the tracks. You don’t need a ticket or a passport. You need only grasp that you are free. You are today’s explorer and decision-maker. You don’t need stuff to be different to live today’s fuller life.


The South Node in Leo conjunct the Sun warns against waiting for a movement or being wrapped up in one to the point that it is distracting you from your own creative life. Strength is not necessarily in numbers. Moon’s North Node conjunct Moon and Ceres (also a symbol for mother) in Leo calls for the cultivation of a relationship to your Soul or Inner Being. Moon is Soul.

How is your Soul reflecting? Is your light dim and your confidence waning, exacerbated by the fullness of feeling? Are you overwhelmed or overstimulated? Maybe you are tired of trying. Don’t try. Meditate. Quiet your mind. Working with your hands, including writing, is a good way to quiet your mind. Your answers are highly unique unto you. You must be able to hear them, feel them, resonate with them, vibrate them, awaken and enliven them. You must allow your very personal guidance to get you on the Overground Railroad to a full life.

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