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The Evolution Will Not Be Televised

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Feeling Myself by Deborah Singletary

New Moon | June 3, 2019 | 12 Gemini 34’

If I do not know my true liberation in my own flesh, it shall not be realized, and I shall not be free.

I have been focusing on Chiron as Maverick and as one who does not follow convention. Chiron’s internal beat is beyond the constraints of convention and flows into the mental stream of a clear mind in Aquarius.

A maverick is different from a revolutionary. The maverick is free. The revolutionary is trying to get free. You can’t get rebel yourself to freedom. The rebel is tossing and turning and struggling against perceived restraints. The Maverick is complete, unfettered and unencumbered. The top has been reached and there is no further to climb. (Hence the Tarot Key that represents Chiron, is Key 9 [the Hermit] which signifies completion.)

Nothing remains now except to extend the beacon and encourage the weary traveler to follow the only way, the way of the heart. The beacon is the 6-pointed star of love—above interlaced with below and masculine interlaced with feminine.

The way is the way of the heart, and you must have guts to lead with nonconforming, uncompromising love. The weak-hearted, scoff at love. It can’t do anything. But those who have guts put love to the test. The 6-pointed star is the Star of David and David means Beloved. When David was a boy he met and put down Goliath with a simple slingshot and five smooth stones from the river (only one of which he needed to accomplish his task).

The New Moon is in Gemini, but the tone or note of this chart is Virgo because it is mostly earth and mutable/changeable flexible signs. My attention is drawn to the term intestinal fortitude and I see this as Virgo following Leo. Strength, fortitude, love, will and heart becomes intestinal, part of your intricate inner workings.

The New Moon also squares Neptune at 18 Pisces 38’ in the 10th house of the chart. Do not let talking about yourself as a victim go unnoticed if you do not want to perpetuate it. The false world of our tortured fancy does not actually exist. It looks like we are living in a nightmare. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to wake ourselves up.

My inner voice suggests to me that I honor Neptune in the 10th by becoming an un-victim. Neptune in Tarot is assigned to The Hanged Man and the principle of reversal, of turning it around by suspending the mind from whatever flow of thought got it to this place. Suspend the mind to stop thought, especially the repetitive thought that binds you to unwanted circumstances.

Neptune squares Jupiter in the 7th. Jupiter opposes the New Moon and is a focal of a yod, the “hand of God,” with Venus in Taurus sextile North Node and Juno in Cancer. This is a good time to get over the notion that it is your job to please others. Venus sextile Juno says please yourself, enjoy yourself, value yourself. With Jupiter, we might blow the meaning of our encounters with others out of proportion. What others think of you is none of your business. Do what pleases you and notice that others seem pleased by you without your seeking.

Neptune rules television. Hence, “the evolution will not be televised.” Neptune represents the evolution of Venus, higher love. Love is the key.

The evolution must take place in your body-embodied system. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and highly significant in the 18th degree. Remember that Key 18 (Pisces), represents the Corporeal, Bodily Intelligence. You must feel free in your emotional and physical body in order to function freely as a lover in this world. Neptune in Pisces in the 10th is about reversing the fantasy that you are at the mercy of outside unfriendly forces.

You do this by telling a different story, by changing your inner and outer dialog from anxiety and worry, negative Virgo, to a narrative of confident expectation, ease and accord.


Make and carry out a “To Fun” list. Make it as urgent as your “To Do” list. Part of what a fun list does is take your mind off of your troubles and get you into the pursuit of your own happiness. It also allows a non-worried narrative to take shape. It facilitates imagining the good life.

I did this for myself and found that not only was I happier and more inspired in and beyond the fun activity, I was more inclined to do what was considered chores, like sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, and hanging up the clothes.

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