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So that You Don’t Have To

Updated: May 4, 2023

Full Moon | Lunar Eclipse | May 5, 2023 | 14 Scorpio 58’

They suffered and they died. They made mistakes and wrong turns so that you don’t have to. In their pain, our ancestors and others who have gone before us have asked for things from their pain. We get the benefit of their asking. We are not supposed to repeat their pain and say that we suffer because they suffered. We can break the chain of pain.

I noticed a rise in trauma popularity while the South Node has been in Scorpio and some have used it to explain why they can’t heal. My great, great, grandmother suffered this,” the conversation goes, “It is why I suffer it too.” Grandmother says, “I would rather that I have not lived in vain. Instead of suffering, I would like you to transcend and overcome.”

The South Node in the chart indicates a kind of default position, where we rest on the past because it is familiar and handy and it works, though it keeps us lazy. “I had trauma” explains why we are stuck and gives us a pass and a sympathetic pat on the head.

I am told that therapists and spiritual reflectors who bring up the idea of trauma intend that we become conscious that we are holding the proverbial baggage. Becoming aware of ancestors' trauma is not a pass to linger and suffer but to help us not rationalize trauma, not stay stuck in it, and to drop it.

The Moon’s Nodes have been referred to as The Dragon’s Head, North Node, and the Dragon’s Tail, South Node. The Tail just hangs out and brings up the rear and is only good when the head is leading the way. The current North Node is in Taurus (along with other planets) and conjunct the light of the Sun. The North Node counsels: Listen to your inner voice. It is telling you to possess your own way, to know that you have what you need, regardless of what has happened in the past. You survived. Don’t be half dead. Keep hope alive. Invent your seasonal purpose by creating something new and different as instructed by the inner voice.

While it is true that the body keeps the trauma score, why can’t it keep track of joy and satisfaction too? We may well benefit from tracking our ancestors' faith, joy and resilience.

During this lunar eclipse, some might incline to claim helplessness; to declare that they are handicapped by their injuries and by the slings and arrows of misfortune. However, we are urged to re-calibrate mind and body. Venus in Gemini is making it up, imagining stories and paths. They can be about why I can’t make it past the hurt, or they can use the sextile to Jupiter in Aries, and say, I can, and I will. Life is good, and I can trust.

Other things in Scorpio’s domain that we need to be letting go of is resistance to change. Relax and Release. Do not seek to exact an eye for an eye. Do not hold on to the past. Do not re-punish others or yourself. What’s done is done. Do not remain at the scene of the crime. Do not blame others. When you make it someone else’s fault, you disempower yourself.

Reach for the North Node in Taurus instead. Mine the treasure from your trauma. Pay attention to what is important and at hand. Do that which is near you. Love that which is near you. Do not be discouraged. Keep to your purpose. Innovate.

Take emotional responsibility to get what you want. Blow your nose and let’s go.


Remind yourself that there is only one power. Listen for its instruction. Do this by making good use of Venus in Gemini and letting your mind play in creative story telling. Doing what you love can make you quiet and still enough to hear a hunch or a hint that leads to something joyful.

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