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Rehearse Your Happy Dance

A dancer from the Afro-Cuban dance and drum group Alafia

New Moon | July 31, 2019 | 8 Leo 37’

The answer to your question is that you are the creator who must demonstrate trust in yourself by creating scenarios in your favor of what you want that you can feel. See what you want and create from that. If you imagine what you don’t want, you create from that. Imagine failure, loss, defeat, and you will hobble today toward that unwanted end. Have faith in fulfillment, not frustration.

The Moon new in Leo asks you to fire up your will and to give attention, care and feeding to what you desire. Leo is fixed fire and so represents perseverance and determination. When you think about what you want, make sure that your thoughts promote, encourage and enrich your feeling about what you want. Think only that which heartens and cheers you. Your feeling is crucial. If you feel like you can’t, you can’t. You can’t get up or stand up or go forth.

Don’t think how. Think only what. I have noticed over the years with clients and myself that when we start asking how to accomplish something, we remain in the dark about it. Then we end up revising our heart’s desire for something we can figure out how to do. And what we usually figure out brings no joy. How long are you going to deny your heart for expedience? You didn’t come to this earth to live a life of expedience, barely getting by financially and emotionally.

Stoke the fire of your desire. Feed it. Imagine it. Daydream about it. Be easy about it. Persistence isn’t force. Persistence is keeping the flame lit on your desire. Smile about what you want. Don’t be "realistic" if you notice realism dulls you and fills you with doubt.

What you want in your heart may seem utterly impossible to achieve. However, don’t be daunted by appearances. The unwanted manifest seems to be the truth. Don’t believe it. Don’t be forced backward by it. Don’t be bound by it. See what you want as having already been accomplished. Celebrate it. Appreciate it. Feel it. Want a home that you can afford? Live in it now. Feel its deliciousness. Don’t wake up and begin your day in insecurity.

Imagine what you want, not what you don’t want. Venus is the planet of imagination. Notice that it is also the planet of love. Love the thing that you want when you think about it. Smile about it. Be welcoming toward it. When you cultivate your desire with love, you will find yourself inspired to the right action to bring the idea to fruition. In many cases, what you desire will present itself to you when you least expect it.

I was talking with a friend recently about the rising ridiculous rents in Los Angeles. I said to her, “Don’t get me started.” I had a well-rehearsed litany that began with blame, anger and frustration toward the “perpetrators” who ruthlessly and wantonly raise rents (but after all, their expenses are rising too) and ended in frustrated helplessness for the increasing homeless population.

Later it occurred to me that our innocent conversation, that was thankfully brief this time, goes on at length in the mouths of many, and almost always has. It occurred to me that we were setting the stage, with feeling, for that which we decried to come about. We were two friends who would tell two or more friends, who would tell two or more friends and so on and so on, and as bad as things seem to be now, they would be appallingly worse if a few years’ time. Haven’t you been talking about rising prices for most of your adult life? “We abandon ourselves to negative inner talking; yet expect to retain command of life.” – Neville Goddard. Our inner talking becomes our outer talking, and the conversation we have with our neighbors, and the conversation we read and hear in the media. What’s going on? Pretty sad. Mighty bad. And we are keeping it going, keeping unwanted conditions fixed.


Be brave (Leo) enough to practice the feeling (Cancer) of what you want while it is still in the invisible. What you want is in the invisible too. What do you want to bring forth? Pretend the arrival of your cherished dream. Celebrate it. Act like you would act if it were true. When I was a Lakers fan and the end of the game rested on some crucial points, I would rehearse myself dancing the happy dance at the end of the game. When the outcome was as I had imagined it, I would do the dance rehearsed. Rehearse your happy dance.

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