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Protection is Energetic, Not Physical

New Moon | September 28, 2019 | 5 Libra 20’

If I do not feel safe energetically/vibrationally, I am a point of attraction for the not safe. Protection is energetic and not physical. Even though I may purchase protection, ultimately, it can’t be purchased. No amount of money, no wall, no insurance, no gun is going to protect me if my energetic/vibrational “force field” is not in place.

The New Moon is conjunct forceful Mars which can compel us to alarm and arm in order to fight the so-called enemy. However, we are boxing shadows and cannot always distinguish friend from foe ( Mars in opposition to Neptune in Pisces might mean that ). A tight inconjunct to Uranus in Taurus in the 8th house, calls for some fine tuning in our psychology. Even though I know that people do prey upon people, and I have attracted predators, in order to live in the world of my higher self, I need to stop acting as potential prey by being fearful. As Abraham says, “Sometimes it seems like others have the power to negatively affect your experience, but that is never true. Only your response to them has the power to pinch you off from the naturally good-feeling person that you are.”

This is also a time when creative imagination may be on the side of wisdom or folly.. Imagine yourself freely being who you want to be. Imagine yourself happy and fulfilled. Imagine your dreams coming true. Creative Mind is nurturing and optimistic. Perhaps you are nurturing a book or poem you are writing or formulating a peace offering to another. While you have an ability to think perceptively and futuristically, there might be that nagging, gnawing in your gut that represents your anxious or fearful guard. You might be guarding yourself against the calling of your own soul or Higher Self. (Venus and Mercury in Libra conjunct in the New Moon chart, square South Node, Saturn and Pluto in the 4th of home and security. Venus conjunct Mercury).

It is wise to not focus on what is going or threatens to go wrong. If you can have optimism while yet you have problems, frustrations and blocks, you accentuate the positive instead of being dragged down by the negative. The positive empowers you to navigate and solve the negative.

North Node in Cancer shows how important our disposition is. Feelings rule. Moon in Libra wants equipoise, but the inconjunct to Uranus in the 8th, can cause consternation. We feel that others might reject us or otherwise upset the apple cart. However, we don’t need agreement to have appreciation and respect.

You are the thinker/imaginer of those to whom you relate. Loving and increasing appreciation others is a key to loving and appreciating yourself (Venus, Imagination, rules both Libra and Taurus).


Ten minutes of quieting your thoughts works wonders. You will notice that if you enter this effort to quiet when your thoughts are running and anxious, that those anxious repetitions will slow if not cease all together. Think of a time when you felt what you want to feel now—peace, joy, confidence. As you are remembering the wonderful moment, place your hand on your heart to install the memory in your fingers and hand. When in the midst of a tense or distressful situation with others and can't walk off to meditate casually place your hand on your heart. This can help you tone down any tension you feel in the moment. You will find yourself clearer and calmer and more able find solutions and/or common ground.

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1 Comment

Sep 29, 2019

Inez, thank you for these insightful words. I will try my best to remember to place my hand over my heart when experiencing unpleasant situations with others.

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