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People in Power

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Full Moon | August 1, 2023 | 9 Aquarius 16’

We are the people in power. That power is the Sun in Leo, the sign of royalty, loyalty, play and creativity, including creating our life. If we do not own this Sun in Leo, we might think this light that gives life is antagonistic toward us. We will find ourselves fighting life. We may find ourselves at war with others, but this is because we are at odds with ourselves. So many of us fight, fight, fight. So many of us believe that we cannot give up the struggle.

I love to think of the Sun as the Central Ego and the Heart of Humanity as shown on The Tree of Life as the very center. Whenever an apparent enemy arises, I remember the Central Ego, and begin the restoration of my equanimity. We are all part and heart of the same Sun.

People are individual, creative, and expressive of their unique heart. Yet there is one heart. The Moon is in Aquarius, the sign of the people. The keywords for Aquarius are “I know.” I know for myself, in my own heart of hearts. I know these truths to be self-evident, and I will stand by them, even if I stand alone. If I stand alone, I do not stand apart. With the Full Moon, we are to be reminded that we come together with others of our own free will in order to form a more perfect union.

Aquarius represents, not people who think the same way, but people who have come upon the truth themselves, of their own heart, will, courage, and strength.

We are afforded the opportunity to practice empowerment and be consecrated to it. Pluto, planet of transcendence and transformation has been doing a long square to the North Node in Aries and the South nodes, in Libra. Aries/Libra is the I/ you, pole. This square suggests, "I am the grail. I am empowered" (the North Node in Aries). I am the one who rules myself. I am not a victim, even if it looks as if I am. If I insist that my life won’t change for the better unless someone else changes, stops taking advantage of me, stops mistreating and misleading me, it won’t happen. What will I be doing while I am insisting on change from others—waiting? Those I blame, I empower. Others change as I change my primal will to good. As I change, equilibrium follows. I know how to treat you, how to respect you and how to talk to you., and how to hold you in my heart and mind.

Focus on the will to love, says Venus in Leo. Risk love. Dare to love where your instincts spark hate. You can vibrate a healing balm or poisonous folly. It is easier to blame a powerful entity than to take responsibility for that which is in your power. Rise above the influence of the so-called bad guys.


When someone you consider an enemy meets with misfortune, try not to celebrate. In Atlas of the Heart, Brene Brown labels taking pleasure in another’s misery as “schadenfreude.” Social media likes to call you to watch someone get slammed or humiliated or shut down. As tempting as it may be to “dance on their grave,” refrain from doing so. If you were being as stupid or out of touch or mean as they were, practice how you would want to be treated. Practice mercy rather than severity.

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