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New Story to Imagine

Buried Treasure by Deborah Singletary (circa 1998)

New Moon Solar Eclipse | December 14, 2020 | 23 Sagittarius 08’

Write the future as if it were true today. Live the future today. We cannot help but cast our hopes on the future as one of the most difficult years in human history closes and a new year comes. New Optimism. New Jerusalem. New Order of the Ages. New story to imagine.

To have the tomorrow we desire; we must talk about it as if it were here. It is not about waiting to see what 2021 will bring to which you will respond. We must make it the story that you tell today.

I have been long living and lamenting the story of the subjugation and obscuration of the feminine brought on by the disrespectful and destructive forces of the masculine principle. My lament has been that the world would be a better place if it were not for this long egregious story which is older than Genesis. Woman is to blame for the fall of man. Inner promptings have been getting me to see that the denigration of the feminine is something that we have all had a part in and that the male-female allegory is not about sex, but about consciousness. I have come to see that whenever we blame others for the position that we find ourselves in that we are blaming the unconscious, the feminine. Whenever I make it someone else’s fault, I am saying that they have power and I do not. If I say I am powerless, I am lying to myself. I am saying, in essence, that I did not do the bad deed and I am helpless against it.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, and the South Node are all in Sagittarius. We might say that the New Moon is calling for a new consciousness, a new awareness and a new belief system or philosophy, attitude and viewpoint that is not based on the past, but on our awareness that we each write or otherwise compose the story of our lives, which is the North Node in Gemini.

The new story is that all is well, and I am responsible. Saturn, the planet that rules responsibility will change signs from Capricorn to Aquarius on the December 21st winter solstice when the longest night will give way to longer and longer days. Aquarius’ keywords are, “I know.” Modern astrology makes Uranus, the Awakener, ruler of Aquarius, but before Uranus was discovered, Saturn ruled both Capricorn and Aquarius. Jupiter, planet of expansion, will enter Aquarius on the 21st also. In Tarot, Saturn has to do with the pairs of opposites, dominion and slavery and Jupiter has to do with wealth and poverty. We can say that the New Moon gives a new grasp of dominion and wealth. No human or system can abridge my freedom or deprive me of what is rightfully mine unless I unknowingly or unwittingly acquiesce. It is my responsibility to align with the center of the universe. I align myself by acknowledging that I live in a universe that is friendly to my plans and I rely on it for unfailing guidance.


It could be that when you blame for your pain, you are holding onto it, when you mean to let go. It might be that we have pain, because of what has been perpetuated but also because we have been unable to access our feminine power and receive the comfort of being at one.

Since the collective trauma is held in our bodies, when we feel strong feelings of fear or foreboding we can ask ourselves where is this memory stored and place our hand on that part of the body and speak love. When we feel joy, we locate where we feel the joy in our body and praise it.

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