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My Soul Wonders

"When I Think of Home" by Deborah Singletary (the rainbow was reflected onto the artwork as it was being photographed. It says something to me)

Full Moon | June 24, 2021 | 3 Capricorn 28’

“My soul looks back and wonder, how I got over.” – Hymn by Clara Ward

Things seem to be serious. It is tempting to wear your smile upside down and sit in the shadows and blame your state on others. The summation or signature of this chart is emotional. I feel. With the Sun in Cancer, l let me feel to identify what is going on, to self-diagnose, even. You might feel down, a little depressed, unable, or unwilling to flow. But there is a light. This down-in-the-mouth Moon might be able to summon an optimistic perspective. You might decide to just shake it off. Think along the lines of your problems as opportunities in work clothes.

Heal your world by not accepting it as it presents itself to you. Sometimes the best way to fight the funk is to do something for someone else. Make them laugh or smile. Send a thank you note, or a thinking of you note. You are guaranteed to feel better in the process. Generate your own warmth. Turn on the light. Say that it is a wonderful world, indeed. Screen your companions. Don't hang with those who complain and blame, even if they are saying what you are thinking. Take the attitude that the buck stops here, where you are, in and of and with you. Hang with uplifters. They are in forward motion.

Resolve to break through your inhibitions, the major one being the need to have people agree with you and give you their stamp of approval, which they will give only if you abandon your form to conform. Dim your light and follow them. Loose your pen on your own story. You will not be alone, but you will not be all one and self-contained either. You will not be in full and glorious flower, one beautiful, plaintive, and crystal-clear voice singing the darkness into light. Say it with music, metaphorically if not literally. Let your soul be stirred. Feel your own movement. Feel yourself gaining momentum to lift your own chains. You can do the collective the best by being yourself and standing alone, though not aloof. You stand alone so that you can show the way above the madding crowd.

Some of us are wedded to what we call the struggle. The struggle is our badge of honor. Why not end the struggle—it is in your power. If it is not, then what? Why not say, I am not fighting. I thought you were the gatekeeper, the obstacle to my full life, but I was mistaken. I am just going to pick up my bed and walk.


Set up something that represents an obstruction—a solid something that represents your interior barrier. Stand behind a closed door, or on the other side of a baby gate. Feel the block and the frustration of it. Feel, perhaps, your rising anger toward the block. Maybe you know it is not outside of you, that it is your own inhibition. Then recognize that you are not actually encumbered. You were only telling yourself a story. Open the door with a gentle flourish. Step over or around the baby gate. Open the curtain. Step through. Step across. Step around the represented obstacle.

Say to yourself, "That was easy. That was so easy." Put your arms up and do a little freedom dance. You have broken through. Get excited about it as if it is really happening because it is really happening. If you regularly image your obstacle, then you can image your freedom. Feel the sunlight on your face. This is spiritual practice at its core. What you image is true.

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