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Moratorium on Fighting

Full Moon | December 7, 2022 | 16 Gemini 2’ We live in an interactive universe. We expect people and things to respond to us as if we are moving pieces on a chest board, but the whole universe is responding to what we think, which is what we invite and expect. Sometimes our thinking is in undertones about which we are unaware. Some of the undertones are from assumptions drawn in infancy or childhood before we learned to process information and think cognitively. Even these thoughts become words which become deeds in the present.

Even if you don’t believe it, approach life as if it is a friendly universe. That will help you to see things differently and surmise that all is working for your good. Goodness and mercy may be percolating beneath your consciousness. If you believe the system is rigged against you, that is all you will see and the fight will continue.

We are having this discussion because the Moon is conjunct Mars, planet of war and conflict. We are likely to feel automatic, habitual, or natural anger and combativeness, although it is possible that what we will feel is energy and enthusiasm and spontaneously active.

So much of the fracas takes place on the airwaves of our mind. It’s us fussing and complaining, just talking and just thinking and being agitated and disturbed. It’s shadow boxing. I heard a man on a cooking show say, “The judges are living rent-free in my brain.” That sounded like a good illustration of the Mars conflict, particularly with those we think are judging us. Judgement falls under Sagittarius. Moon and Mars are opposite the Sun in Sagittarius.

Mars retrograde calls for a moratorium on fighting. Just pause a bit, or just try something else. We can stop struggling without surrendering to the enemy.

What if we could win the battle without the fight? What if it were as simple as aligning with the top point of the triangle of consciousness? When having trouble with others (or circumstances) do not look to change the other. Look to that which is above and between both. Remind yourself that you know nothing independent of that which knows all, and is friendly: Superconsciousness. Our pronouncements that “they” are morons or mean-spirited or fickle might be the result of squinting so hard we can’t see anything rightly.

We have been acculturated to think, “If I am feeling bad, it is someone else’s fault.” Someone else’s fault is the way we frame it by default. Although Gemini is attributed to words and speakers and writers of words, Gemini is really thought first, which can be both specific and amorphous, like clouds.

Many of us fight what we call society without being cognizant that society is as we imagine it to be, as is all of life. We have nothing until we imagine something. We create and then fight the oppressor, enemy, and antagonist.

We would do well to use this full moon to become aware of our Mars nature, our combat nature. Are we tearing it down or building it up? What are we mad about and how are we using energy?


In any given situation, there is what you know (the masculine and conscious principle in The Lovers), what you don’t know (the feminine and unconscious principle) and that which knows all (Superconsciousness [some call God]). Other people represent what we don’t know when we are fighting with them. That which knows all has the whole picture. Instead of fighting with your opponent, identify your opponent as that which you are in the dark about and ask that which knows all how you might be better informed and thereby solve your problem with them.

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