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Let it Shine

Updated: Mar 8

New Moon | March 10, 2024 | 20 Pisces 17’


A new moon in the mutable water sign of Pisces (the last sign of winter) is advantageous for refreshing your spiritual posture or outlook. It is a time to reflect on your faith, belief, and emotional health. There could be a psychological or financial component to your issues. To reinforce the psychological and financial facets of this degree, the chart tone of this New Moon is Scorpio—the 9th house of Pisces. Scorpio on the 9th can indicate that this sign has an intense relationship with spirituality which seeks to overcome personal limitations or desires intense, transcendent experiences. Mutable water indicates delicate or unstable emotional states.


Use this time to examine your beliefs about money. Pisces can have faith about finances and have beliefs that are rooted in rigid, inflexible emotions. There can be a problem with standards and judgements perceived to be set by others. In other words, you might feel negatively judged by your financial status, whether it is because you have a little or a lot.


Consider that you are in the seat of judgement. Therefore, the opinions of others need not have sway. This New Moon sits between Saturn setting limits (and inducing fear of shortage) and Neptune which could weaken the conscious and subconscious aspects of self.


This is also an opportunity to free up or reinvent self-evaluation. You might be better or better off than you think. Pursue what is important to you. Think more positively about your talents and value. The judges on American Idol counsel shy or insecure but talented contestants that they had to be willing to fight for a spot. Metaphorically, you must sing out in full voice. You must recognize and use your gifts. Otherwise, those who are more confident but perhaps less talented, could outshine you.


In talent contests, people often extol the virtues of working hard. I am tending to think this is not just about the hours you practice, but whether you will persist beyond self-doubt. It can be hard to keep positive when you are pronouncing to yourself that you are not good enough. “Why should I go on” follows “not good enough.” One might think, "Why not stop or quit and save myself the trouble of trying only to fail?" Well, life isn’t about contests. You are the only one in the field of your self-expression.




Celebrate yourself as the wayward self-doubter come home. Believe in yourself. Encourage yourself. Fight off your inertia. Toot your own horn. Hold your head high. Bar discouraging thoughts.

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