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Maybe You Did Nothing Wrong

Full Moon | March 31, 2018 | 10 Libra 45'

Just because you are experiencing something unpleasant or unwanted, doesn’t mean that it is bad or that you are bad or wrong. Your now experience is the result of before. Most of us make at least partial errors in our assessments and conclusions that weave into what we have today. It is not because you are bad or a sinner. At any given time, our knowledge is partial. Don’t get stuck in the manifestation. Start with the manifestation and create anew by aspiring anew based on the information that is now before you. Use the “problem” as an opportunity to clarify. Point your view to new.

The Moon is full in Libra, the sign that rules the other. Libra is an air, meaning mental, sign. Our relationships with other people are based on our ideas about them mixed with our ideas about ourselves. Venus rules Libra. Imagination plays a part. We take a little intuition and a little information, and make conclusions. Our current conclusions might be about how others limit, perplex or vex us. Both the Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra square Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of the scapegoat. The other is to blame. But from the vantage point of the other, you are to blame.

We are in the habit of rejecting unpleasant experiences and our part in them. Yes. I was there, but I was not the perpetrator. I did not start it.

We have days of reckoning and results, but they are not final. Not wanting to be bad or wrong, we reject the experience. It should not have happened to me. I was at the scene of the crime, but I remove myself from responsibility or guilt.

You can be responsible without guilt if responsibility is not accompanied by the label bad or wrong. What if you were lighter about it all, about your role and the role of the other? What if you did not have to banish the other or yourself? What if you took a more creative approach? To completely reject responsibility is to reject creative influence.

I have noticed that when I am reluctant to examine something, it is because the specter of guilt and condemnation are in my periphery, and when I turn my head and look unabashed, the specter of the devil turns into a freedom granting, wisdom granting angel.

Saturn and Mars are both in Capricorn and are conjunct. Mars is said to be exalted in Capricorn. Mars can either tear down or build up. We can speak of fighting the establishment, but we are part of that which is established. We name it and frame its powers and agree with it or rail against it. How did Harriet Tubman frame slavery? She never accepted it. She conducted herself freely and she helped others be free.

Ask. “What is my role in this drama? Assuming I have power, how shall I use it?” You don’t have to go back and go digging and living in the obscure past. Everything you need for solution is here now. Maybe you did nothing wrong. Maybe you could just look for a solution that you can be part of.

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