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Love Your Enemy. Heal Yourself.

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

New Moon/Autumnal Equinox

September 25, 2022 | 2 Libra 49’

Love your enemy. Your enemy is you cut off from yourself. Retrieve and love the cut-off self and the enemy will disappear. Love your enemy. Heal yourself.

So many of us have gripes against those we think have ruined or spoiled our lives, be it parents, spouses, betraying friends, or whole peoples. Observe yourself when you are griping. Notice you don’t feel good and that your face is grimaced. You’re toxic. You may mean to poison the unworthy other, but it is yourself who is poisoned. (This is the reverse of, they meant it for my evil. God meant it for my good.)

Libra is pivotal, meaning crucial and primary air, or mind. Libra is mind mixed in with imagination because Venus is the planet which governs Libra, sign of relationships with partners or open enemies. It also has to do with love and creative imagination. We imagine about the other. “They’re nice.” (They’re not.) We imagine what others think of us. “They think I’m a fool.” (They ain’t thinking about you.) Consider Venus’ (Imagination and love), ruling relationships as a fun fact. Our relationship with everything in our manifest world is as we imagine it on the side of wisdom or of folly.

Venus also tells us that relationships, balance and peace are all about love. Frequently, we don’t try love except with those we already love. By the time we are angry (Mars) with someone, we are ready to tear them with our teeth and we do not wish them well. We wish them punishment, their just (Libra-Justice) desserts. Note that our revenge seeking wish is our vibration, our personal state, even as we call the other toxic.

As long as we’re rattling venomously, we don’t feel so good. We feel mad and unhappy, and nobody is attracted to us. Even the love we want, the life we want, the peace we want, doesn’t want us and shies away from us, making a wide berth.

Jupiter, planet of wealth and benevolence, is in Aries. Jupiter in Aries might say, forgive me father for I do not always know, what I do. Jupiter in your Aries sector might be saying, “Make me an instrument of thy beneficence and blessedness.”

What is the message when Jupiter is in Aries and opposite the New Moon in Libra? The New Moon is a dark moon. Ask that the mote that obscures your vision be removed from your eye. Ask that your eyes receive a laying on of hands, that your vision might be consecrated in service to inner holy plans and maps and models.

This is Sun in Libra. Enlighten yourself about people, of which you are one. Equinox. Equal night makes equal day, 12 and 12. Let us balance our own dark and day.


We do practicums so that we can practice the words we read if they sound a note. Venus, sovereign of Libra, balance, harmony, fairness and justice, is in Virgo along with Mercury sovereign of Virgo. I will love what I analyze or criticize. I want love on my mind. Let me see myself should I be tempted to pick apart and instead bring Venus in to temper my thoughts with love and respect. I sweeten with my thoughts.

If you feel like a critic, write a poem or a prayer. If you feel too bitchy to do anything like that, make note of that. Do not judge. Just observe. You can talk it over with yourself later.

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