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Love or Fear

"The Lovers" by Jacob Lawrence (1946)

New Moon | August 16, 2023 | 23 Leo 17’

“If I am willing to affirm that love is everywhere, and I am loving and lovable and hold onto this affirmation and repeat it often, then it will become true for me. Then loving people will come into my life, the people already in my life will become more loving to me, and I will find myself easily expressing love to others.” –Louise Hay

If you dismiss this idea as too simplistic and simply not true, what would be your truth? If you believe otherwise and think “The world is hostile. I must watch my back,” I daresay, that what you see is what you will get.

To take advantage of the New Moon in Leo conjunct Venus and trine Chiron and the North Node in Aries, embrace that love is everywhere. What you see is what you will get.

Before taking any action (including sending an email or posting in social media), follow Anita Moorjani’s wisdom and “ask yourself, am I doing this out of love or fear?”

Qabalah Key 1 pictures a Tarot card called The Magician. The right hand holds a wand directed above. The left hand points downward seemingly connecting above to below representing the pair of opposites—Life or Death. Mercury, the mind, is assigned to this Tarot Key.

This pair of opposites is illustrated by Anita Moorjani, author of the book, Dying to Be Me. She learned from her near-death experience that she had lived in fear of cancer. She drank wheat grass and took supplements, not because she wanted to be healthy so that she could live a long life that would allow her to do things she loved. She did these things because she was afraid of getting cancer and dying.

If you want to be healthy, then choose love.

Anita illustrates the subtle way we let fear make the choices for us. She said that all her major life decisions had been made from a place of fear. She took a job, not because she loved it, but because she feared that a better one would not come along. If she stayed in a job she hated, it was because she feared not having a job and not having money.

Some of us call this playing it safe, and it is terrifying to not go safe, even if it means living dead. It is a life where we may survive, forfeiting thriving. To cope and get through doing what we hate, we might whine, complain and blame. However, by blaming, we give away our power.

I watched someone blaming the state that he lived for deficiency in human services. He had missed a telephone appointment that would get him certain benefits. He was told the call would come from a number he did not recognize. He did not know when. But if he had checked his mail, in a timely manner, he would have known. When the call came from a number he did not recognize, he thought it might be this call, but he did not pick up, waiting for them to identify themselves on his answering machine. They did not. He blamed them for not doing this, not just this agency, his whole state.

As I see it, while he continues to blame the state, the state will fail him. He will miss the call and make it their fault. He will not own that it is what he projects from his mind, maker of choices, that determines what he sees. His blaming abdicates his responsibility and lessens his power.

Know that as you live, you choose life or death, love or fear in your thinking that leads to your choices. Your life will be as you see it and call it.


“We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. – Marianne Williamson

Let your light shine. Be a light. Be a beacon. Beam courage and love. Beam a smile that shows you believe in a brighter day and a brighter way.

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