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Lay in the Cut

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Florynce Kennedy was an American lawyer, feminist, civil rights advocate, lecturer and activist.

New Moon | April 5, 2019 |15 Aries 7’

By lay in the cut, I mean chill, wait, listen. Get connected to the omniscient intelligence of Nature, of Source. Let everything be alright. Do not see yourself in danger. Take advantage of the grand cross of planets, nodes and an asteroid in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, to align with the cardinal (principal) cross they represent. The cardinal cross also corresponds to the seasons and relationships. Carry the cross, not as one of suffering, but as carrying the day, anchoring yourself to the seasons of an orderly, meaningful world.

There is order in the universe. Get right with that and the wrong won’t upset you. We are entirely too scrambled, scattered and afraid. We are living like the Tower of Babel, where our speech and reason are confounded. We are constantly embattled and living in grief, worry and strife.

Lay in the cut a minute. Rest from all of that. Aries in Tarot is the Emperor, Key 4. Four is Reason and Order. Four are the seasons and Four is the square where all sides are equal. There is order and justice in the universe. Trust this and it will be revealed as so.

Be a maverick. A maverick is not a rebel. She does not set herself apart. She just sets herself.

A maverick does not need for others to be different. It is enough for a maverick to agree with herself. Agreeing with herself she is at peace with others.

The cardinal cross illustrates divergence, difference or contrast. Without difference there would be no creativity. The maverick manages strife by remaining at peace. A maverick is secure, not defensive. She doesn’t justify herself or shield herself. She is at home in the world with others.

Aries at her purest is maverick. The New Moon in the middle degree of Aries, having gone over Chiron which was originally titled Maverick, gives us an opportunity to visit this aspect of our nature that occupies 30 degrees of our personal zodiac.

Aries says, “I am.” The Sun is exalted in this sector. Aries lives to cultivate and express herself as a lover. Everything she touches is enlivened. She is inspired and her enthusiasm is catching. She is followed and emulated. Being herself, she excites others to be themselves. Above all to her own self she is true. Therefore, she is false to no one.

The Sun and Moon square Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn. The South Node represents default or habit mode. Our bad habit is to focus on false evidence appearing real. We get wrapped up in it and distracted by it and we keep recreating it.


Anticipate the future that you want, not the default future of negative influence. Fighting “evil” is the South Node. Reach for the North Node in Cancer by creating new habits of optimism. Read something optimistic upon rising in the morning to set the tone of your day. Strike only when the iron of inspiration is hot and the mood is right.

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