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Inside Strong. Inside Free.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

For the Love of Toni by Deborah Singletary, assemblage 5" x 7"

New Moon | April 22, 2020 | 3 Taurus 23

We live in two worlds, the outside world and the inside world. We live in two environments. It’s always that way, not just during these times, but it’s not any different during these times. There is what is going on outside and there is what is going on inside. The outside we don’t have control over. Some perhaps, but very little, and it unfolds. The inside we have complete control over. It’s our mind. It’s our emotions. Our consciousness is the center of will, the center of strength and power and we have the right to master, to regain our kingdom. We have the right to live inside, in a beautiful place. If the outside is not beautiful, it doesn’t have to come in and disturb the inside. Michael Singer

This New Moon is conjunct Uranus and square Saturn. Taurus and Aquarius must reckon with each other. The personal interior in the form of personal resources, must negotiate the impersonal outside, the deadlines and punishments imposed by society. I have my personal needs and there is that which is outside me that does not necessarily take me into consideration. At least that’s the way it seems to be. We also have the need for freedom as shown by Uranus, bumping up against the demand for conformity, represented by Saturn. The good news is that Saturn is in the second sign that it rules, Aquarius. Saturn in Aquarius understands the freedom we seek. The problem comes when we are unwilling to listen to what the universe has to say or asks of us because we are too wedded to what the group seems to demand. You have the right to cease being cooperative in your own destruction. You do not have to agree to enslavement, even if you are a material girl living in a material world. This New Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus asks us to examine and begin to reconcile the need for money with the need for freedom. The idea that you are obliged to do this thing you would rather not be doing because the external world demands it must be challenged, at least in your own mind. When Taurus rises, Gemini is on the 2nd house. This suggests the importance of the mind when it comes to money. You can say Taurus thinks about money and mental states influence money. Some of us are in a mental state of lack. Perhaps we feel that our talents or our smarts are lacking. With Mercury in Aries in the 12th house of Taurus, making a sextile to Venus and Vesta (“keep hope alive”) and also sextile Mars in Aquarius in the 10th, this looks like a great opportunity to free ourselves from certain assumptions that keep us on the wheel of shortage. Taurus, as a personal sign, can represent inside, while Aquarius, an impersonal sign can represent outside. Aquarius questions. What if we simply questioned the system that we heretofore agreed with? We wouldn’t have to act, unless we were inspired to do so, which is quite possible with Mars trine Venus. It is possible that action and creativity can be aligned. This trine represents the increased ease of building online careers, or the increased freedom of working remotely. It is possible that you will want to push the panic button on financial matters. Uranus may represent a disruption of emotional stability as you face deadlines from outside, or from your own unwillingness to hold steady and remain calm, no matter how threatening the skies may look. You can, if you can, be inside strong and inside free, no matter what.


Saturn can represent our best practices. The best practice is mental practice. This is a great time to quiet the mind. You can call it meditation if that does not complicate things. Otherwise, just think of setting aside 10 – 15 minutes a day, to slow and observe your breathing as an aid to slowing mental chatter. Michael Singer also says, “You are always better off centered, clear, filled with energy, filled with clarity, and then you can deal with the outside. You have to deal with the outside, but the outside doesn’t have to come in.”

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