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I Attracted That

New Moon Solar Eclipse | Oct 14, 2023 | 21 Libra 8’

I was accused of being unrealistic. That triggered and angered me. While I argued for being realistic enough, I got a sneak peek that my unconscious problem was that I was too realistic. I had limitations and fears that I was not recognizing, and that was the source of a painful condition called TMS, Tension Myositis Syndrome. TMS is caused by repressing anger or fear. I knew this. I even suspected the cause of my fear but had been unable to convince myself that I had no reason to fear, so the problem persisted.

The argument was about the realism of a metaphysical treatment for a condition that was clearly physical.

The problem was not that the healing protocol was not realistic. Being realistic was the thing that needed healing, the thing causing the acute pain. I had given way to the perception that there was no material way to handle the challenge looming before me. I was giving reality too much leeway, say and sway, but I was not doing this consciously.

To make me conscious of the subconsciously imposed weight of reality as a problem that had no solution, I would argue with someone who said I was not realistic. I would protest and deflect that, but that was the fact that needed to be made conscious.

I think of the Viktor Frankl’s quote from the September New Moon, “Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue.” Health must ensue from understanding the source of unhealth. There is a thin line between being brave and masquerading as such. The aspirant is not to be stoic in the sense of “never let them see you sweat.” If the aspirant is sweating and wound tight in alarm and the fear of moving forward, the aspirant must be able to admit that. A brave face must reflect a faithful embodiment.

I was thinking at first that I should address peace in the middle east for the New Moon Solar Eclipse. Peace, harmony and balanced relationships and communication are hallmark themes for Libra. I thought it might be helpful to illustrate how it looks to be drawn into a conflict that reflects you in a manner in which you do not see your part.


The next time that you get into a heated debate with someone, consider that you are fighting with your own shadow. You might ask what the universe is trying to show you through the person you are encountering. They don’t know what it is. The drama is suited to them for their own reason—reasons to which you may not be privy. You might ask, “What is it that I am not seeing? What do I need to learn?” Or you may affirm to yourself—one day I will see it and be exceedingly glad.

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