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I am the Choosing One

Updated: May 2, 2019

New Moon | May 4, 2019 | 14 Taurus 11’

Planting Seeds by Deborah Singletary

I live in a vibratory world. I live in a world where I feel things out. Vibrations become thoughts which become words which become experiences or manifestations. I am learning that vibration can lead to action, but action cannot make up for misaligned flow between vibration and experience.

Nothing is accomplished without action. Constructive action proceeds from aligned vibration. I may observe the action without realization that it followed vibration that became thoughts that became ideas in the form of words that became actions. That is why I can do the same thing that another did and get different results or find that I can’t muster the will to do what they did because I am not vibrating from where they were vibrating.

I get the most leverage to change my life by tending to my vibration. I must find a way of thinking and speaking about anything that is important to me in a way that feels good to me. If I am whining, complaining, criticizing or cursing about what has gone wrong in my life, I am not calling forth the vibration that will call forth the action that will haul in my nets. I choose this language because the New Moon in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is the sea that the fish swim in. Neptune rules Pisces, fish. Pisces sextile Taurus is the vibration of what you possess by way of talent and resources harmonizing with the riches that may be swimming unseen.

Taurus is the vibration of the song and the call of beauty. The key words of Taurus are “I have.” I have value and worth. I have what I desire, though I may be unsure of how to express it in form. If I am feeling unwholesome, whining, criticizing or condemning, I am not utilizing the vibration for change in this period, which is optimism. If I can get into optimism, I can collaborate to expand good.

Expansion comes from choosing. The most handicapping thing I can tell myself is that I do not have a choice. All the power that ever was or will be is here now, even if I don’t know how to use it. When life “happens,” I might not recognize my part in it, perhaps because what is happening is not directly connected to my hands. Even so that does not mean that I did not have a hand in it. Maybe all I did was choose my response and tune my own vibrations.

My choice commands. That which carries out the command is far greater, more powerful and more capable than I.

The more conscious I am of the relationship between manifested experiences and my choices, the better I can make the next choice and the new choice. I am like an Etch a Sketch. I shake my screen up in order to clear it for new creation. I use music, laughter and even distraction to shake my screen clear. I seek out the better, brighter, more empowered, more expectant thought. I vibrate as I experience, and my vibrations draw pictures of what I think I see. I not only see life, I interpret life, and as I interpret, I create. This interpretation is done in thousands of subtle ways by my whole-being senses and great expectations.


  1. Take a look at something in your life you don’t like (avoid picking something that currently has a painful charge for you).

  2. Imagine what “someone” with that situation might have been thinking or vibrating negatively before the condition appeared.

  3. Imagine what a constructive thought might be.

  4. Describe for yourself a different outcome.

For example, 1. This room is drab and cluttered. 2. Someone might have been thinking that life is dull. 3.The new thought would be life is interesting and full of surprises. 4. Imagine a room with beautiful bright colors, plants, and items that spark joy (as Marie Kondo says).

Make it into a game. You might even try practicing this in a circle with friends.

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