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I am Enough

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The Offering by Ken Wright (Kiln-formed fused glass)

Full Moon | Lunar Eclipse | November 8, 2022 |16 Taurus 01’

I am enough. I have enough for right now. I will always have. My resources are endless, my supply never ending. I have, and always will have, all that I need.

If we installed this principle, we would experience it as true. We would be strengthened by the evidence and be more automatic or habitual with our expectancy. What most of us say mostly is, “If only I had more money, I wish I had that, I wish I could quit this job. I wish I had a job.” There are also a variety of ways in which we categorize ourselves and our situation that keep us in bondage to our mindset, “I am struggling. I am poor. I pay too much tax. People are after my stuff. The system is rigged against me. I can’t.”

Whether made with conviction or by pervading perception, such statements (and feelings), are mantras. Therefore, choose your mantra according to what you want. Listen to yourself. You may be dragging your resources chain along the bottom, unbeknownst to you. You may have assumptions that anchor you where you don’t want to be.

The Full Moon is in Taurus, planet of open, omniscient mind and limitless possibilities. The North Node, also in Taurus, whispers, “This way. I am your North star. Follow me." Aligned with Uranus (also in Taurus), you have limitless possibilities and limitless consciousness at your disposal. Think of what you have in a new way. I (Uranus) have already helped many of you to be freer by working from home. I have helped some of you expand your client base to clients who live in other states or countries.

What do you want? Ask now while the Sun is in Scorpio along with Venus and Mercury conjunct the South Node. Scorpio’s key words are “I desire. I want.” The South Node in Scorpio cautions us to not frame our desires in terms of lack or scarcity. It’s not, “Give it to me because I don’t have it and need it." It’s more attracting to say, "Give it to me. I expect it, and I know I can have it."

Ask for all manner of desires—relationships, homes, health, peace of mind.

“She maketh me to lie down in green meadows, beside the still waters she will lead.” – Bobby McFerrin


Say thank you in advance. Thank you for the rent or the mortgage or the money to buy the thing you dearly wanted or the money to help your children. If you should feel the absence of the thing desired, or doubt about it coming, say thank you for that which you asked. Notice if you begin to renew your worry and stop it.

There are six planets in water signs. Water represents your emotions and vibrations which are even more important than your ask. If you ask and then doubt, fear and worry, you are preparing yourself not to receive and you may be literally closing your openings. Your vibrations/feelings are the strongest part of your request. If you ask with your words, then negate with your feelings, you cancel or weaken your ask. Keep hope alive. Let it thrive.

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