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Serve God or Caesar

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

New Moon | March 24, 2020 | 4 Aries 12’

My takeaway from the emergence of the Corona Virus is that it is symbolic of the Tower of Babel story. Just as they thought they had crowned their masterpiece of construction which wasn’t even made of good brick, it tumbled. The Crown was false. The thing could not stand.

Now we have all fallen out of the Tower and we are floating in an uncertain future and the chief vision is of death and the end of the world. But we are floating. We are suspended, and we are forced to stay in our homes. We are apprehensive of death.

I see the false crown as representative of Caesar. I see our collective Caesar as the economy and the kings of it—the so-called 1%. It is sheer babble for us to think we have to bow to the wishes of the 1%. Don’t run out and try to change anything. Don’t raise a defiant fist. Just in the quiet of your own home, where the North Node is posted for your attention, know that is foolish to just shell over whatever the price setters, the Caesars, ask. Crippling student loans are stupid, illogical and unnecessary. In Los Angeles, people had been dying in the streets already. We call them homeless. You don’t have to lose your life to die if living on the sidewalk under the freeway overpasses streets is what you have come to.

The other contemporary business as usual is the ridiculously high rents people are paying. I pay much more money for my apartment, which means that someone who lived there a couple of years ago might have found they had nowhere to go.

Enter the Crown Virus. Shut down the business of living. Go home.

Go within. Just say it to yourself and mean it—or try to mean it, to feel it: I will not kill myself in order to live.

I am not talking about an organized movement with marches and speeches. I am talking about a movement within yourself away from what which makes you live as if the treadmill is okay as long as you are able to keep the appearance of living even if you die inside cause you aren’t really living.

I will move. You move. I move the needle of my mind, you move the needle of yours.

That’s my best guess on what it will take to make a difference.

We agree to our own oppression collectively, because we acquiesce to the norms of oppression individually. I gotta do what Caesar demands. If I have time to live after that, I will. How’s that working ? When are you going to start living? How old are you now? When?

To me the idea of Caesar and the false crown is expressed by the South Node, which says, you may start here, but you must go north. You can start with the Caesar demands of the material world, wherever you are now, but if you really want to grow, head North, focus on a feeling of rocking safely in the emotional currents of the world, Cancer. Go North and feel all right. Go North and feel victory rising. Reach for a feeling of overcoming and thriving and feeling that nothing can harm you.

The New Moon is at 4 degrees of Aries. Aries is Author and Architect. You can still write your own story.

“You create your own story, and you live in that story. The most important part in your creation is the main character, and that character is you. If you want to live a life of joy and fulfillment, you have to find the courage to break agreements that are fear-based, and claim your personal power.” – Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements.


Keep your head. Make sure Higher Being is on your throne and not Caesar. Don’t scramble to pay Caesar’s tribute without being in alignment with your own Higher Being. You might try simply quieting your mind with a 10-minute meditation, before paying your bills. You might notice how you feel when you are paying your bills. If you are feeling anxious and frustrated, take a deep breath. Try to feel better before you conduct your transactions or make financial decisions.

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