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Goodbye Uneasy Street!

Full Moon | May 18, 2019 | 27 Scorpio 39’

Imagine no money worries. No worry about accounting or banking or investing. Imagine no worry of being cheated or losing your stuff, or having it stolen. Imagine generosity, assistance and guidance that you trust. Imagine trusting in providence.

I realize I had been living on Uneasy Street around money all my life. I deeply desire to relocate. This realization came to me while acknowledging that unwanted weight had more to do with my thoughts than what I eat. However, I was not consciously aware of what my fat thoughts were!

I thought I’d take a guess and the first thing from my pen was, “I worry intensely about money.” My automatic, most-of-the-time mode was worry. Worry was like breathing. Just can’t think the good for worrying about the bad.

When Problem Thoughts Become Automatic Emotions

The fish and the water are one. In water/emotions, we live and move and have our being. In Tarot, the fish is Scorpio, the fixed water sign. We may not change much in the Scorpio sector of the Full Moon circle (The 7th house of “others). The scene might change, but when feelings, our automatic reactions don’t change much, we are locked in.

In Scorpio, we desire so much. The desire to be free of self-imposed binds that seem to be imposed by others is reflected here, too. The arrow part of the Full Moon in Scorpio glyph releases to become Sagittarius. Mars rules Scorpio, and it also rules Aries. For this full Moon, let us look at Scorpio in terms of how we feel about others, especially their Mars, “fire” power, energy, and their force. Scorpio is a lot about acceptance and rejection, which we may lament as a power that others have that we cannot influence. The Mars rulership suggests that we do have influence and the influence is how we imagine others, how we feel about them and what images are thereby formed.

We are not always keeping secret, what we mean to keep secret. There is always a chemical reaction between two people that neither can ultimately manipulate. But if we change the image, whether of others or ourselves, the forms will change.

The Full Moon in Scorpio gives us a chance to be conscious of our feelings so that we may guide ourselves up the emotional resilience ladder. Emotional resilience is represented best by Scorpio, which is where our feelings are also our psychology, our mental/emotional state. Scorpio, at its best, lets the old die that the new be born like the phoenix, free to soar. Scorpio is about having the strength to endure one’s own insecurities and allow some buoyancy and spirit. Rise!

The Sun is in Taurus, ruled by Venus, the planet of love and imagination. The full Moon counsel is to act as if “you have” (Taurus) what “you desire” (Scorpio). Surely, If you act like you lack, you will.

Venus, planet of imagination, rules Taurus. Tarot designates Key 13, the Scorpio Key, as the Imaginative Intelligence. “The choice of the adjective imaginative is in accordance with the doctrine of Ageless Wisdom that causation is mental. All changes are primarily changes in mental imagery. Change the image, and ultimately the external form will change.” – Dr. P.F. Case, The Tarot

“The emotions, or the ‘feeling’ portion of thoughts, are the factors which give thoughts vitality, life, and action.” – Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich


It feels really good to imagine the good life. Feeling it is the key. Think thoughts that make you want to live. Banish despairing thought by thinking about what you desire and not about what you do not desire.

If the “don’t want” seems overpowering try this full Moon ritual

  1. Write the "don’t-want" on a sheet of paper.

  2. Use a separate sheet of paper to list what you do want.

  3. Put the two papers side by side.

  4. Choose one of the lists as what you want to live with.

  5. Burn the don’t wants (I use a metal or ceramic bowl to safely burn paper).

  6. Sprinkle the ashes of the don’t want list onto the do want list. The ashes of the not-wanted will be used as fertilizer for that which you would love to have in your life.

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