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God Values Your Soul and Spirit

Desire by Deborah Singletary

Full Moon Blue Moon | October 31, 2020 | 8 Taurus 38’

You must have your own connection with Source. No one can tell you the truth that loosens the shackles of mental slavery. You know the truth as it resounds in your inner ear and sets you free. You turn off the outer noise so that you may hear the voice behind and within you saying, “This is the way. Walk in it.” You shut out the noise and the clamor of the world that you may hear the clear voice of which you are an extension, not the voices of others telling you what you should or should not eat, wear or not wear or fear.

This is Uranus in Taurus. Awaken to the voice within and trust it to guide you over the meadow and through the woods. The Moon is in Taurus, reflecting and remembering the voice of your inner teacher, your intuition. The Moon is full and the sound sonorous as it reflects and duplicates your deepest, funkiest desires. What do you want?

Intuition is my word for Taurus because of the sign’s association with Tarot Key 5, The Hierophant, the Inner Teacher. This key is also associated with hearing, as you hear your inner teacher, the one who came with you and never left you, who you may know or you may ignore. You may hear the disconnected, disembodied chatter that speaks indiscriminately in your head, never silent, never without an opinion or an observation or a concern or a fear. Although it talks on and on, you might not even know what it says.

The practice in the Aquarius sector, is to quiet the mind. Breathe. Do not think. Breathe. Let entering thoughts exit. Quiet your mind. Hear your teacher, your private tutor, your inner guide.

The Moon is said to reach its highest expression in Taurus. Your feelings, emotions, reactions, and memories, are best when you reflect, pause, listen. Be not alone, scrambling. Hear what the One who loves you has to say.

Also, let your life be a mirror. Look into it and see yourself. Adjust yourself according to what you see; and see your truer and truer self. Calm yourself as you look. Tell the truth about yourself, and do it without self-judgement or self-condemnation, so you can act instead of equivocating, avoiding, and excusing away, what you truly desire.

Speaking of desire, Let’s talk about money. Let’s talk about what you value. What is important? What is sacred? What are you nurturing and caring for and treasuring? What is precious to you?

Money was the reason I determined to learn to talk to God for real. Money is one of the best reasons to learn that God talks to you.

Why money? Because money is equated with your very survival. Hence opposite Taurus we have Scorpio, where the Sun is at 8 degrees 38.’ Scorpio rules the house of death. Scorpio is “I desire” and it is also “other people’s money.” Scorpio shows how we feel we are valued by others. The more you and your work or skill, are valued, the more you are paid. If you earn consistently lower wages than you would like, you may feel devalued indeed. The feedback from the world is this far, and no further. You tell this to yourself.

Serving Caesar whose price is your soul, you sell your soul, and respond as unthinking uncreative, and submissive. Without the strength of our soul, you will do a lot of things that do not dignify or satisfy, though they keep you alive. Notice if you are living the life of "I would if I could, but I cannot, because it is not set up for me."

It turns out well if you can talk to God (by any name or no name), because God values your soul and your spirit. God wants you to have what you want to have. God wants you to have fun and love life and have what you need to participate fully in life according to what you desire. If you do not have this life, it may be that you are serving some false god that you have agreed to serve. If you can, get a little light.


The Sun in Scorpio is shining a light in the dark places where your desires may be languishing. What do you have a taste for right now? What would be so good to have? What would make your heart sing and make you feel like the richest, most blessed one alive? Do not be shy. Do not hold back. Tell God/Universe/Source what you really, really want.

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