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Fist Fighting with Fire

Rage Child by Deborah Singletary

New Moon | April 15, 2018 | 26 Aries 2’

It’s all me. I shall not be divided against myself. I am Aries. The buck stops here. I roll like Big Daddy or Big Momma, the one with the say. I am the architect and the designer. I lead the orchestra. I tell the story. The Universe is one big dream, and I am the only dreamer.

So that I may have something vitally warm and fruitful to set in order, there is the world that seems to be outside and sometimes antagonistic. Sometimes I have dreams or nightmares that I am being pursued by that which would run me over a cliff to my death. I have various names for the pursuers, president, big government, cruel government, my next-door neighbor, my own mother.

At first, I fight, I wrestle. I struggle. And where do you suppose the struggle takes place? Cue Jeopardy music—Inside my head. Aries rules the head and face. I read. I watch TV. I may have a little encounter, if it is the neighbor or my mother. Then I live it all inside my head. I raise holy hell with the neighbor and the president, and the multitude of people who make me mad. I may be imagining encounter, but, truth be told, there is little to none in real time. Five minutes of input can yield five hours, or five days, or 50 years of conflict. Though I may stir up cauldron of raised excited voices with my friends, in actuality, I do nothing.

I don’t realize this, because argument gives me a rush of adrenaline. I am excited and energized, and may be distracted from my boring life, but I’ve got lots of speeches for this thing and those people who are wrong, and who make me jump around in my corner of the ring.

This futile fighting is making me anxious and apprehensive and is carrying over into my way of being in the world and my life expectation is war and calamity. I shall not be happy until and unless those people I plead with to become better people so that I can have a better world, do indeed become better. However, they ignore my rants, and even amp up their terrorism.

When the April 2018 New Moon comes around, I realize that whatever drama I participate in is the drama I have chosen for my interactive pleasure. I stop fighting when I stop dividing against my own good fortune because of some malicious someone perceived to be guarding the treasure. I realize that I have been living in two worlds, God’s and man’s and it is man’s that I am the most locked into because it is the most obstructed, lopsided and unjust. I might call on God to help me in the world of man, but I do that when I am the most frustrated, afraid and feeling like God will not prevail either.

When I realize that this whole world is my Father’s and whatever I touch is the sacred ground given by Him, I stop fist fighting with fire. I follow the welcome signs and the open doors. I greet each day with open expectation of the magnificent best.


Wake up and greet your Father, the Sun, with great expectations. Even if it is all an act, your frustrations are an act too. Thinking that someone or something or some system is withholding your good is your act of faith as well. So, change your act. Get yourself out of the dual-world system and into the world where God is the superior solemn ruler and the universe wants you to have what you want to have. Don’t fight this with your disbelief. Act this and feel the strength it gives you, then reset your vocabulary to think and talk of winning. Receiving, enjoying, relaxing and basking in a sunny disposition.

Note: The Lunations title is from Love on the Brain by Rihanna

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