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Exercise Love in Your Life

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

The artist Carol Foy doing what she loves.

New Moon | October 8, 2018 | 15 Libra 48’

The voice within me spoke saying, You can’t get peace while you are firing back. Libra (peace) is what you want. Mars (war) won’t get it. Action won’t get it.

Centering gets it. A quieted mind gets it. Love imagery gets it. You do not have to love the object of hatred. As a matter of fact, don’t try that. You won’t comfortable if you try it because you won’t really feel it. Trying to love who you don’t love makes you feel exposed, vulnerable, and irritable.

Exercise love in your life. Love who you love. Love what you love. Practice love. If it is coming from your hand, let it come also from your heart. Play music. Listen to music. Take a special bath. When you let yourself get all charged up, you have no place to go. Even if you write a letter or make a phone call or march, or petition or vote any relief you feel will only be temporary.

Love (Venus) is action, but love is a different way of action than Mars. Love generates. Hate destroys. Hate weakens the hater. Hate is defined as “to have intense and passionate dislike for someone.” I have intense and passionate dislike. It is there. The words and images that we are exposed to are asunder and egregious, so I try not to feed that bad boy. It is present almost every day. The thought for today every day is crisis and outrage and fight, fight, fight.

This is stressful unless this passion be put to love. The New Moon in Libra asks that. Come to the center. Rest. Equilibrate. Re-calibrate.

Libra is the sign of relationship and it is ruled by Venus, planet of love. Libra particularly represents partners and close friends, but we are in relationship to everything, and essentially, we are one on one. I am one on one with what Brett Kavanaugh symbolizes to me. I have a response to him. Given what I see, that my intelligence is insulted and assaulted, I can let my peace be destroyed or I can keep steering the sailing ship Inez through these waters to port. The ship and the waters are metaphor for the Moon. They both represent the emotional nature. The Moon is reactive or reflective. I am convinced that the bold in-your-face lying and demeaning is designed to make us banshee-reactive, crazed, and out of mind. Moon also represents the Soul, and women. Libra shows us that peace is relative to the other. Your relationship to a person or situation is under your domain. It may be about them, but it is up to you to keep your own ship on course. Our big folly is that we must make others change so that we can have peace. We must have peace despite them, have beauty despite them, make progress despite them.

Let me tell you why I might not march. I assume my rights. Nobody’s got them, and nobody can take them away. That attitude is stealth. Sisters have to know this for ourselves. Women must not wait for men to validate them. We must validate ourselves. We must tell the stories and write the narrative and make the laws we live by and the rules for our comportment. We must start today. All people who feel marginalized must take back their lives, one person at a time. This is a light that you must see for yourself. Don’t let the outside vibe corrupt your insides, and that means that you cannot let yourself be upset longer than it takes to reset. As Shakespeare wrote, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves that we are underlings.”

How do you relate to this thing, whatever thing it is for you? How do you vibe in response to it? Does it take you off your game? Don’t let yourself be sick or heartsick. Don’t let your buttons be pushed. Don’t be egged on to anything but renewed resolve. Don’t give attention to what you don’t want.


Check your vibrations. When ice skaters fall in competition, they don’t pound the ice and cry out. They get back up and skate as if the fall was grace. That’s poise. Poise is important now and crucial to your health. Notice what happens when you feel better, how your vision is sharper, your hearing is better, and the answers come. What makes you feel better? A luxurious bath? Creating with your hands? A walk in the park? Cleaning out a closet? Discern what makes you feel better and do that.

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