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Economics is a Spiritual Process

Full Moon | May 23, 2024 | 2 Sagittarius 55’


I see an end to homelessness. Perhaps not an absolute end, but a substantial change in the condition, because of a change in thinking (Gemini—keywords, "I think.”)


The change begins in me because the problem is in me, not out there. I might think, “I don’t have anything to do with it—it’s the system, the government, greedy landlords.” My growing realization is that I fed into homelessness with my thoughts and fears.


I have been living at my present address since 2021. In recent months, I noticed a homeless encampment of three tents. I just checked outside my window and noticed for the first time that the encampment has grown to at nine. Only in recent days have I come to the realization that I was contributing to this growth. Growing homelessness was a sight that made my eyes sore and my mind troubled. Things are so bad, I would say. It is such a shame. Something should be done about it. I did not realize that my observation and worry was part of the problem.


Homelessness is increasing despite not being what I wish to see. But I can’t do anything about it because I don’t have the power, and I don’t have the power as long as I am using my personal power in the reinforcement and expansion of this unwanted circumstance.


What can I do instead?


Change my thinking. Let there be change in this, the change that begins in me.


Let me choose what I will think, which will change what I will say. I will speak possibility, not impossibility. Where there is a will, there is a way. I will see that my speech is more open, happy and creative. I imagine the day when I will drive along the streets that line the freeways in Los Angeles and see that the blocks and blocks of homeless encampments have disappeared.


I can picture this in a faithful, fearless way, now. Picturing it is first manifestation. I see it now. It is real now. It is true now. I am not waiting for my neighbor to see it too. I am daring to see it now despite the alleged odds.


I will no longer think or speak of homelessness as an irretractable and growing problem. I feel so much better picturing the absence of tents and the knowledge that people who used to live in them are well housed.


That is enough. As I do that consistently, it will be a huge change for me, one person. The condition of homelessness will weaken with my own withdrawal of negative thinking. I do not accept homelessness as a given, nor do I rail and cry against it.  I simply picture people humanely housed.




Join me in seeing the end of this condition. See it now as Venus and Jupiter experience the end of their present journey together in the money sign of Taurus. Venus and Jupiter, love and social justice also form a harmonious aspect to Neptune, planet of spirit and higher love which will elaborate my vision, because my vision is closer to the truth.


Neptune knows how to make it happen, is already making it happen and welcomes our witness.


Let us affirm what is written in Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth:


“There is a Divine Mind counterpart for every human need. There is an answer for every problem, substance for every financial requirement, a job for every willing worker. The economic indicators will not tell you this. The welfare agencies will not tell you this. You will need to tell it to yourself, for economics is a spiritual process. As far as your experience in the marketplace is concerned, you make the difference!”


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