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Come Together

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Integrating my Shadow (tableau by Deborah Singletary)

New Moon | March 21, 2023 | 0 Aries 50’

Even if you know it not, your soul, is connected to you. Do you feel “split-apart" from your soul? The fire has been building in cardinal Aries. At this New Moon in Aries, Sun and Moon are joined by Mercury, Chiron, Jupiter, and Vesta. The key phrase for Aries is I am.

The drone goes something like: "I am apart from love. I feel as if I am ultimately alone. I am the only one who thinks my thoughts. I see the rest of the world as contentious and obstructive. My life a battle.

Mars (the ruler of Aries) is the sword that cuts apart. The sword is also an emblem of justice. Perhaps this is why we curse and kill our enemies. We consider it their just desserts.

Split-apart is a term sometimes used to describe the soul mate who has not yet been found. Somewhere on this earth, your soul mate wanders, and you wander. Where oh where can they be?

At this time, there are four planets and two asteroids in Aries. The Aries symbol looks like the symbol of the “split-apart.” It illustrates separation from the Self, “I am.” To the extent that we are in conflict, we are split apart from ourselves. I am not aware that one-ness is my base. The horns of Aries are split apart, but they belong to one head

I may think I need a lover to complete me, but I am really looking to be united with my soul, to burn with initiative in Aries. The house where we have Aries is where we are enterprising, or tend to begin and begin again. In the New Moon Aries rising chart, Mars is in the sign of the mind, working for the first house since it rules Aries. The placement might direct you to actively think about who you are.

As the planets started gathering in Aries at the end of February, I was introduced to Trust Life: Love Yourself Every Day a book of affirmations by Louise Hay. Many of the early affirmations talk about what Louise calls, mirror work, basically looking into your eyes in the mirror and saying, “I love you”, many times a day. I have known of the exercise for years, but only began to really practice it with this book. Coincidentally, Aries signifies the eyes, a prominent feature of your head (also assigned to Aries).

I shared this exercise with my youngest brother, to be supportive of his desire for a girlfriend even though he has a diagnosed mental illness. I suggested he do the mirror exercise and watch how people reacted to him. He responded/resisted that he’s very friendly and people are for the most part friendly in return. I was glad that he said this because it made me think of the difference between being nice to others and loving to yourself. I am friendly, too, and people are generally friendly in return, but I observed being “nice” is outer-directed. Being nice is designed to ease my way in the world. Loving oneself is really an inside job and also favorably impacts the way people and the world responds to you.

The first house is also the place of our emergence from the womb. Leaving the womb in which we were grown and developed, is like leaving the “safe” space that intelligently made us. Being born might suggest we are ready to continue our growth and development in the world seemingly apart from our inner intelligence. However, a growing awareness of our oneness with soul, is a vital part of growing.

In Aries, we have an opportunity to come together. To be reborn. To consciously re-unite with Soul in this kingdom of spirit where we reconcile our dual experience of love and hate and ups and downs by uniting with Soul, our inner life. We unite the duality of self and Source, of self and other, by loving our self—really loving our self. I am One.


Continue with the mirror exercise suggested at the last Full Moon. Let peace on earth begin with loving yourself. Look into the mirror into your own eyes and say I love you, like you really mean it. I found that at first I did this with a more or less straight face and I did not really feel it. Now I do it with a smile and it is easier to mean it, and to feel it.

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